Xmas Fitness Gifts For Women And Men Mo Cuishle Massager And Ggrounded Towel

Looking for the perfect gift for your are loved ones and friends ? Here here are two cool fitness items that you can go for without any doubt.

Great fitness products that has been tested thoroughly and satisfied  safe to use for both men and women.

The Mo Cuishle massager and G Grounded sport fitness cooling towel are amazing products for old and young and also as a perfect for a gift.

I will be helping with a review on this topic and please if you have any question or comment about this topic feel free to leave them down the bottom of the review.

G grounded cooling towel

The G grounded sports  ultra-light compact 12 x “- cooling towel 3 pack microfiber  fitness  towel for both men and women.

 cooling towel
cooling towel

Great for workout, fitness, both indoor and outdoor sports activities , and also for the outdoor camping.

You can take it along with you to gym, travel and even great for a present it as gift.

 the overview of the cooling towel from g grounded sport here :

  • Manufacturer: G grounded sport
  • Brand name: g grounded sport
  • Size : 12 x 39 (30 x 99 cm )
  • color: 2 tones and grey
  • Fabric material used: microfiber blend 45 % Polyester 55 % nylon
  • Care instructions: machine wash

G grounded sport cooling towel review

Great cooling towel absorb your sweat anytime in a very convenient way it is  long enough wipe any sweat from your body.

Get the most succulent microfiber  about 45 per cent blended polyester and about 55 per cent nylon.

 Very light in weight  and also gangly in the skin and dry quicker.

Can be used by both men and women it is also for athletes and non-athlete individuals.

 For any sports or fitness activities the g grounded  towel works much better than the spin towels.

It’s odor free and  dry fast , compact stylish and ultra-lightweight multi purpose towel to keep cool.

enjoy the ultra-light soft and breathable polyester and  microfiber blend nylon.

why do you need G grounded sports fitness towel?

This a perfect fitness towel with hybrid effect great to dry up your body needed during all your fitness and sports activities like :

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Cyclin
  • Skiing
  • Golf
  • Yoga
  • Mountain biking
  • Spinning
  • Volleyball,
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Beach
  • Field hockey
  • CrossFit

And so much more indoor and outdoor fitness and sport activities

what are  benefits in using  G grounded sports towel,.

It’s a great hybrid sports fitness towel with great chilling effect well designed to cool the body down during fitness it can work with both wet and dry.

Comes with great customer care service to cater for  the buyer so if you are not satisfied with what you buy or any issue with the towel you can return it back and get your money back.

Very good for fitness and sport sweat absorption it is light and long enough to absorb and dry any sweat had on it durable and be easily put on your around your neck.

Watchable and even very dry quickly you can watch it with your watching machine without any difficulty.

Awesome sweat towel that has been made from high-quality fabric  45 % microfiber and 55 % nylon.

well fabricated , stylish and versatile good to make a gift for both man and women. 

Values for money 3 three-pack bundles with 2 great tone colors

 Mo Cuishle Massager

The shiatsu back shoulder and neck massager with heart electric deep tissue 4D kneading massager great for shoulders, back and neck.


This is another  value for money great item  for both men and  women.

Get the overview of Mo Cuishle massager here :

  • Manufacturer : Mo Cuishle
  • Product type : Massager
  • Product input 12DC 2.0A
  • Power : 20W
  • Item size : 12 x 7.28 x 4.3 inches
  • Package box size : 12 . 4 x 7.28 x 4.3 inches

Mo Cuishle Massager product review

The shiatsu as the name entails is a Japanese product it’s great and perfect therapeutic.

quit famous  for it great body treatment and enhance muscle recovery and relaxation.

It also helps to relieve pain and boost free flow of blood to the body.

With it innovative and most advance technology designed  gives real value.

It is ergonomic and most importantly it has been properly tested by experts to be safe and effective to use.

Breathable with multi layer mesh fabrics, perfect and skin friendly it comes with mechanic and electronics to reduces power loss  a  cool pieces of 4D amazing massager to keep  body active and healthy.

Plus it gear transmission noise directly translate prolonged services. The Mo Cuishle massager is great at home and also  great for office use.

what Mo Cuishle massager for?

Great for muscle relaxation and most importantly for post workout muscle relaxation.

It can also be used by physician massage  for both old and younger individuals

whether you are  office worker, senior management staff or you are an athlete the Mo Cuishle massager is for not athletes individuals. 

what did you get if you order Mo cuishle Massager?

Here is what you get shifted to your doorsteps if you order now :

You get 1 shiasle kneading massager pillow 

1 wall AC adapter 

1 user manual 

what are the benefits using the Mo Cuishle massager? 

Easy to use adjustable plus you can adjust it in multiple speed, just make your set according to your own comfort.

It can use as physician massager and both the old and young can   benefits from the immense potential.

It’s as a gift for both your love ones and  friends 

Comes with over hearting protection so it is safes to use, over 15 minutes of overheating protect.

It will automatically short off after 15 minutes to prevent overheating, isn’t that great? 

It’s skin-friendly very gently and breathable.

My opinion

After my observation on these 2 products, I can say without any dompt that these there money and  to using as a perfect fitness gift for your loved ones and friends.

Their buyer  reviews  are also great so yeah,  Mo Cuishle massager and G grounded fitness sport towel are  cool product that will make lives your loved enjoy more healthier life.


I will like to hear what you all think about these products and if you ever have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic

please feel free to get in touch leave all your comment and questions down below and I will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks




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