Vibrating Roller Foams To Fit-Suvius And Epitomie Fitness Review.

Go with the best, electric vibrating roller foams that will keeps you fit, all the time, you don’t have to worry no more about pro or pre exercise muscle stress  and pains.

On this topic i am going to help you with a thorough review, as to get all the insight  about, Epitomie fitness and Suvius   vibrating roller foam.

You will  know what these products is all about, why they are the right  vibrating roller foam you can think of,  when it comes to, dealing with the pain and muscle soreness.

On this topic you are going to know why and how Epitomie fitness and Suvius, …those are great brands  when it come the quality vibrating roller form maker, it is

what distinguish their product from others, the benefit in using it and lastly i am going to be giving you link to where you can get them from.


Epitomie fitness – vibrating roller foam

Epitomie fitness vibtra vibrating foam roller, next generation  electric foam roller foam with 5 speeds setting including the caring case and vibrate foam rolling

training, the roller, helps you recover fast breaks  us scar tissue and prevents injuries from your body.

Epitomie fitness - vibrating roller foam
Epitomie fitness – vibrating roller foam

what epitomie fitness – vibrating roller foam is for?

It consist of foam that makes roll on and workout anywhere you are, it is  vibrating

foam roller that can do wonders, it had a full body foam that you can roll  on  after your train series all along.

It helps you train all the muscles on your body, you will never skip training again using this roller, for it going to take good care of muscle sore, stiff and pains, this is a powerful vibra vibrating roller foam.

It is i can be used for athlete and non athletes individuals, you going to improve your

mobility and the flexibility, all your muscle tension will be deal with,  rolling  up and crippling this vibrating foam will definitely wreck all the pain in your body.

It is a crucial in cooling down your muscle, you can use the roller to cool down your muscles, it will help you to avoid the workout pain when you train.

Epitomie fitness - vibrating roller foam
Epitomie fitness – vibrating roller foam

It will reduce the lactic acid buildups and accelerate the process healing your muscle from stress, the  empitomie roller foam helps  increase blood flows and the oxygen

uptakes, it help boost muscle tissue to life, and you stay refresh all day, plus studies

has found out that deep tissue massage with it after an intense workout will improve

endurance and performance by stimulating the vital mitochondrial production,

when you use this roller, move on with your fitness goals never quit dont ever let any pain or injuries jeopardize your dream.

Prevent yourself from muscle break down with this next generation roller foam.

Epitomie fitness – vibrating roller foam overview

Epitomie fitness - vibrating roller foam overview
Epitomie fitness – vibrating roller foam overview

How was epitomie fitness – vibrating roller produced ?

It was build up with an high tech system, it is consist of an advanced led control panel, that will notifys you in that actual time that the charge is level up and the down time.

You don’t, have to worry about the battery going down anymore, you can switch

from on and off in a very easy way,.. no stress, the easy to use power switch will take

care of that, it also consist of click start button to change change settings, with it deep

tissue massage design you enjoy, the innovation honeycomb design that will helps  you fit more, like you never do.

It comes with a grid form of pattern, the roller honeycomb and the high density

epitomie fitness - vibrating roller foam
epitomie fitness – vibrating roller foam

foam is capable enough to use as a personal massager that will work even better, the

epitomie fitness roller form gives you high technology , high quality foam that you can roll on and even vibrate, to massage your muscles.

what  is included?

what you going to get includes :

U s b cable

A carring case

And the online access to the full body foam rolling program all in a one


What are the benefits in using epitomie fitness – vibrating roller foam?

It help to relax muscles, you can warm up and also use it to recover quickly from  injuries, it help with it vibration foam to relief, sore muscle, pain thwarting tension, join pain and so much more.

It help to restore muscle and tissue, to maximize performance each setting of it help to target, relax and repairs, it help with the vibrating deep  into the muscles.

It help  to hit every workout hard for a better warm up and recovery, the epitomie fitness roller foam comes with a lifetime guarantee, so no need to worry at all.

It comes with a longer last battery that can serve for hours when using it, plus  it is rechargeable, you get u s b cable to it.

It has incredible engine for a vigorous workouts, rehabilitate your body with  intense vibrations ease require  your muscle from stresses and pains.

Suvius – Electric vibrating foam

Suvius electric vibrating rechargeable foam roller 4 intensity levels for firm battery powered deep tissue  recovery, training massage – therapeutic back and music massage  roller roller.

Suvius - Electric vibrating foam
Suvius – Electric vibrating foam

what Suvius – Electric vibrating foam is for?

This vibrating roller, foam is designed  with a great texture and it the solution to ease the muscles from tense and stress.

A great electric roller foam that was designed to gives muscles more strength and relief needed, it will provides you  grade A quality massage you will never get from any other roller in the industries.

It was build to reach out to all your convenience, it has a built in electric massage motor and battery, you just don’t have to worry this great vibrating roller will help,

in all your fitness goals including on your gym, training, workout and so much more, plus there is no limit to how you can use it.

Suvius electric vibrating roller foam, shape, material and the texture used help  to reach a particular part of the muscles, it provide a vibration options to allow to use

pressure and motion  to stimulate muscles, without having  to crush them, it can also be use as massage therapists  with the main aim to target muscles  rolling.

It is  a better way to relief you muscle stiff sore muscles and more.

Suvius – Electric Vibrating Foam overview

Suvius - Electric Vibrating Foam overview
Suvius – Electric Vibrating Foam overview

Why  Suvius – Electric Vibrating Foam  is Good For Your

It is easy to use it had  a simple plug to charge it up, if you charge it for a typical level you are going to use for at list 90 minutes of vibration setting to the high level.

You  can set it to what ever level you like from low, to medium, wave, and higher,

just press the power button to activate the vibration feature, press it  repeatedly to cycle through the vibration options.

It was built to withstand the professional standard, set the level of the vibration to your preference, this roller will surely make a difference.

It can be use by the athlete looking for a roller to make muscle  massage  to ease

soreness and pain and even for those who simply who are having stress, tension and

Suvius - Electric vibrating foam
Suvius – Electric vibrating foam

pains  in their muscles and wants  a roller to crush  and loose off all, suvius electric vibrating foam is the right roller to grab.


Benefits in using Suvius – Electric vibrating foam

It help to  reduce muscle pain you can choose from three levels of the vibration or a wave pattern.

It can deal with soreness, this vibrating roller foam help with workout soreness and tension.

It has a unique shape that help in  target pain point directly with vibration.

It can also be use as personal massager, and as a therapy tools

It help with the oxygen uptake  and hep with the east free flow of blood


Here are the great electric vibrating roller foam that will helps grab one of these and you will never

regret you did, follow the link bellow for more information and see by your what

wonders this two product are doing from the life of those that already grab their own.


If you ever have any question or comment whatsoever concerning anything about this topic however if you want us to know about more great roller foams or products

great for fitness, please leave all your questions and comment down bellow i will be very happy to hear from you all, thanks.


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