Two Fitness Gift Pack Ideas For Everyone At Lower Prize!

The fitness gift pack  you can give are those that are perfect  and if you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends the Tongue Drum by Erik Xian and the Gymletics 7 Pack barbell Set are great.

So let  me help you here with an insightful review about them  to know everything you need  and where you can get them at affordable price if you have any questions please feel free to leave all of them down the bottom and I will get back to them, 

Gymletics 7 pack barbell set

The Gymletics 7 pack barbell squat pad for standard set barbell pad for hip thrusts, 2 gym ankle straps, hip exercise band, 2 squat pad safety straps and carry bag is included.

Gymletics 7 pack barbell set
Gymletics 7 pack barbell set

Gymletics 7 pack barbell set product overview.

Brand name: Gymletics

Manufacturer: Deerfei

Size : 7 pack

Support sport type : weightlifting, exercise bodybuilding, and fitnesses

Grip type : padded

Item dimensions L x W x H : 17.3 x 3.5 x3.5 inches

100 % full refund 

what the Gymletics 7 pack barbell set

is all about?

The Gymletics fitness pack was made to take care of the entire body and exercise the whole of your body it consist of the squat pad with two safety straps which helps to feel no pain when lifting weight.

Cool items to always help you during yoga, pilate hot yoga, Crossfit and so much more body exercise.

For example, the gym ankle straps help you when during exercise like leg curls, hip abductors and leg extensions to keep fit.

It can be carried along with you anywhere with  it carrying case take it wherever you go,  you can use it whether at the gym or anywhere. 


what Gymletics 7 pack barbell set will do for you?

This great piece of fitness items that helps get your body back to shape for example it can help with more strength and power.

Get back the lower body strength and engage in more fitness exercises to strengthen your lower back and legs without any difficulties.

 Gymletics 7 pack barbell set


They consist of a gym pad made with high-quality material and it has about 1.2-inch thick, high density, nonslip rubber full squat sponge.

This pad absorbs impact and helps to relieve pain, pressure, and any inconvenient when workout and infarct it makes it easy to carry out more exercise like hip thrust squats and lunges with ease.

It can be used with  various types of  bar without no problems plus  its dimension is about 17. 3 x 3.5 inch.


what are the advantages of using Gymletics 7 pack barbell set.

It comes with a set of many fitness items like the squat pad, 2 gym ankle straps, the resistance hip band, and 2 Gym pad safety straps including a carrying bag.

The resistant band was very well designed with anti-slip technology to prevents  band from rolling up your leg

Created with high quality and premium materials it is durable fabrics that will last longer and a plus to that is that the material used don’t pinch  skin.

The square pad has a think layer of about 1.2 tick to protect you back when lifting weight.

It also has a nonslip surface, ergonomic shape, and 2 Securing straps to keep it safer.

It is safe to use with 100 % money-back guarantee their customer service team is always there for you to respond to your needs and if you have any issue with the products you get your full refund back to your pocket.

You own it personally you don’t wait no more at the gym for somebody to finish using.

what you get if you order now

Here is what you get  shipped to your doorstep if you order for it :

1 squat pad

2 gym ankle straps

1 resistance hip band

2 Gym pad safety straps including carrying bag

check out what buyers are saying here 👇🏼

Steel Tongue Drum by Erik Xian 

The Erik Xian classic hand drum 15 tone ethereal drum, 13-inch lotus drum very portable percussion drum made with steel tongue with the drumsticks gift drum backpack for yoga, fitness, relaxation, and meditation.

Steel Tongue Drum
Steel Tongue Drum

Steel tongue drum by Erik Xian product overview

Let take a bird’s eye view of what the product is all about here : 

Brand name: Erik Xian 

Manufacturer: Erik Xian 

Item dimension : 13b inch 

Scale: 15 tone D mode 

Set: drumstick set 1 pair, 1 book of 300 songs, 1 drum kit, 1 set of bronzing scales, 1 drum stick pad, a pair of ebony drumstick 

Type: Yoga, fitness, relaxation, and meditation 


what steel tongue drum by Erik Xian is all about?

Made from most high quality and premium material the Eric Xian steel tongue drum was made by hand by an experienced artisan on the field.

It has been designed perfectly with excellent and resonance vibration it also has a range of great sound and can be played with mallets or fingers.

With this tongue drum you get a romance sound at a minimal fluctuations.

How the steel tongue drum by Erik Xian is made.

The tongue drum was made by hand with steel titanium alloy which can produce a clear ethereal buddha like sound.

Designed in a portable lotus flower style with a wide range of sound and can even be played with mallets or with fingers.

what steel tongue drum will do for you 

The steel tongues drum is very good to keep fit good for yoga it can give out clear ethereal, buddha sound.

This drum is great in relieving stress and relaxation it will takes you to mind care and relieve your sole.

The steel tongue drum by Erik Xian can also go along with various types of the field like education, mind healing, yoga, meditation, music education and so much more. 

what you get if you order for it

Here is what is in the package you get shipped to you : 

Tongue drum 13 inches 15 tone D mode scale including accessories like : 

Pair of ebony drumsticks 

1 pair of drumstick set 

1 book of 300 songs 

1 drum kit 

1 set of bronzing scales 

1 drum stick pad

what are the advantages of using a steel tongue drum by Erik Xian? 

It helps to relieve stress mind yoga mind healing, meditation, and music education.

Can be used as a learning musical instrument it also boosts language and learning or reading ability in children and adult as long as the music is a language. 

 Tongue drum is an art it is a mixture of both philosophy, religion, and culture. 

It can enhance the ability to know more about a particular song not only in children but also in the adult.

A great tongue drum that can be sound with a stick or finger it comes with a book of 300 songs and a carrying bag. 

My opinion

 In my opinion these items are good they are one of those fitness gifts perfect for your loved ones and friends what makes me love these products is their buyer’s reviews are great buyers are saying great things about them and I think that is very important. 

Do you have any questions

I will like to hear from all and if you have any questions comment on anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave all your comments and question down below and will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.


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