Sportneer Wrist Forearm Strengthener Review

The Sportneer wrist strengthener is for anyone who wants to build a strong arm avoiding any stress and pain, maintain good functionality of your arms, this post will help you with a helpful review on this item and more reviews from those that are using it already.

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Sportneer Wrist Forearm  Strengthener

The Sportneer wrist strengthener a forearm exercises hand developer strength trainer for both beginners and experts men and women.

Sportneer Wrist Forearm  Strengthener
Sportneer Wrist Forearm  Strengthener

Product details and overview

Brand nameSportneer
Product part numberY22-82000-04
Size 10.5″ / 5″ / 1.25″
Exercise typeStrength
Sugerest userunisex
Item weight0.24 pounds
Item dimensionsL10.5/  W5/  H1.25 inches
Bestsellers rank3,851 in sports and outdoors  and 2 in strength training arm machines
Global rating BY FEATURESDurability 4.5/ sturdiness 4.5/ stretch4.4/ easy to use 4.2 / Comfort 3.1

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 Sportneer wrist Forearm  Strengthener Review

The Sportneer wrist strengthener is one of the top fitness items to target, train, and strengthen forearm muscles it’s also good for rehabilitation, for example, if you have a problem using your arm it will help to exercise your wrist, fingers, and forearms boost more power and improve the usability of your arm.

For both the starter and advanced wrist exercise trainer. Check out the table for the minimum tension for each individual

Users And Sizes Table

Size11.4 inches10.1 inches 
Minimum tension2kg/4.4lb7kg /15.5lb 
UserFitness beginners, physical rehabilitation therapyAthlete, fitness professionals sportsmen, and women 
Sportneer Wrist Forearm  Strengthener
Sportneer Wrist Forearm  Strengthener

As you can see in the above table there are 2 different versions, one for starters and the other one for the advanced trainer,  the one for the advance trainer is about 10.1 inches smaller than the starter with 7kg/ 15.5 lb minimum tension perfect for athletes, rock-climbers professionals, tennis players, golfers, fitness enthusiasts, and other sportsmen and women.

While the one for the starter is about 11.4 inches taller with 2kg / 4.4 lb minimum tension. Perfect for fitness beginners, physical and rehabilitation therapy.

It Relieves Stress And Pain

It deals with pain, stress, and offers you daily leisure, this wrist strengthener will help you take care of your wrist, forearms fingers and help improve grip so you have a strong and healthy hand.

The Stabilizer pad Is Adjustable

the wrist strengthener can adjust. An adjustable Stabilizer pad is added to help perform a reverse wrist curl to target, train, and strength the muscles at the back of your forearms.

Train and boost strength anytime

The Sportneer wrist strengthener is very portable, versatile comes with a compatible figure, and easy to carry with you anywhere at the gym or at the comfort zone of your home, great to train any time of the day.

Instruction To Use Is Included

It comes with instructions so it is very easy to use, high quality and sturdy design,  made from Carbon Steel Springs, thick, strong, and last longer.

Anti-slip and sweat-free thick foam stabilizer pad for more total comfort during the performance, however, the foam thickness is about 6mm while the thickness of the spring is about 10mm.

Sportneer Wrist Forearm  Strengthener
Sportneer Wrist Forearm  Strengthener


  • 100% good customer guaranty you have the opportunity to content them whenever you having any issue concerning the product via their customer service area anytime any day.
  • Great help for quick recovery from injury
  • More convenient to train forearm muscle and wrist training than using dumbbells or barbell
  • You can easily and conveniently do more reps with this wrist strengthener than using barbell or dumbells

Check out what those that have bought the product are saying here:

Buyers reviews

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“Nice build at a great price, I love it would recommend it to anyone whose work involves a lot of hand movement. I got it 2 years ago to practice and improve my wrist strength.

portable and comfortable to handle. you can exercise anywhere.

The price is way too good to be true with exceptional quality. the padding is almost intact after 2 years.

help improve my range of motion, deliver blood circulation, and relieve some of the pain.

I am a nail tech, my twists and finger hurt a ton on daily basis. this one is not godsent but it’s close enough to treat my pain and give me the tool to improve my flexibility. 

Como 651 

“Great for Jiu-Jitsu conditioning the wrists, I am not sure why there were bad reviews and people said there were no instructions on how to use this since it comes with instructions in the box. even if there were no instructions it is very intuitive how to use. this device works very well and feels comfortable to use.

You can adjust the fulcrum point but it was already set perfectly. the spring is not super strong. the average person should not have a problem doing 5-10 reps.

I bought this to strengthen my wrist for Jiu-Jitsu and was able to crank out 30 reps no problem the first time. I wish it was more resistance but slowing down reps and holding under tension is a way to increase the difficulty.

You can do a reverse wrist curl as well to strengthen the antagonist muscle of the wrist. this seems fairly sturdy so should get a lot of use out of it.

I definitely recommend this as a supplemental tool for jiu-jitsu conditioning along with hand grip to build hand strength too.

If you need something for rehab due to a wrist injury I think the resistance might be a little too much. might be better off starting out with 2 lb dumbells first. 

The skinner fam 

“Just got this and am really enjoying it. I am a massage therapist for over 20 years, so my wrist and forearms can get pretty taxed.

On busy days/ weeks the belly of the forearm wrist flexors are often overworked compare to the extensions so this helps me to ensure an even overall daily workload to minimize chronic repetitive strain injuries over time.

Also, when my wife is on the computer a lot for work, she has the opposite, overworked extension from typing. she uses it to build up equal strength in the flexors.

For the money, this tool is a must for anyone who wants to build forearm strength or maintain function and avoid repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Also good for arthritis which I have so I know, and rehab from lower arm injuries. would recommend and buy again in a heartbeat

L. Buckingham

“Nifty device, so helpful great physical therapy device for capital tunnel, tennis elbow and more strengthens the wist and forearm muscles without straining the hand by requiring and intense grip such as with free weights. I use it often and have seen fast results lots of relief from the pain of capital tunnel and TFCC.

 Is Sportneer wrist Forearm Strengthener Worth Buying?

I would say this is one of those fitness items to have at, so worth it. plus, those that have bought this product are saying it’s good about it which I think is very important when buying a product.


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