Slendertone CoreFit Ab Trainer Belt Review

The Slendertone CoreFit is an effective abdominal toning belt you can go for if your goal is to tone and have a healthy ab without stressing. Enjoy the EMS technology that comes with it, and perfect your abs at your comfort. In this topic, we do a  helpful review  of the Slemdertone Corefit aba trainer belt including image and the price link. 

Slendertone CoreFit Ab Trainer Belt

The Slendertone Corefit is a great abdominal toning belt unique and ergonomics way to tone your belly.

Product details and overview

  • Brand name: Slendertone
  • Manufacture: Slendertone distribution inc
  • Part number: 0734-5000
  • Suggested users: unisex-adult
  • The material used: Nylon
  • Item weight:  0.1 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H :40/5/ 0.01 inches
  • Bestsellers rank: 13,612 in sport and outdoors and 579 in exercise and fitness accessories.
  • Global rating: 4.2 out of 5 starts of  global rating
  • Customer reviews base on  FEATURES: easy to use 4.2 / comfort 4.0/ thickness 3.8/ pain relief 3.5
  • “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

what is included in the package

Here are the included components that come with the package:

  • A Slendertone belt
  • 1 Slendertone Controller
  • 3 adhesive gel pads
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 quick start guide
  • plus 2 years warranty
Slendertone CoreFit Ab Trainer Belt - with a man and a woman talking
Slendertone CoreFit Ab Trainer Belt

Slendertone Ab Core Trainer Review

Slendertone Corefit is an amazing abdominal toning belt that helps to tone up your abs muscle anytime anywhere, it is very comfortable and easy to put on it can be used as a personal ab toner.

Are looking for ways to lose excess belly fat and calories without going to the gym or your dream is to tone your abs without lifting weight, all in your comfort zone anytime anywhere you are? If the answer is yes then this belt is for you.

Tone your ab in an easy and convenient way

The Slendertone abdominal toning belt is one of its kind. It’s a carefully sturdy and perfect design for men and women.

Its compression around the waist helps to make a perfect tone for all 4 abdominal muscle groups and shape within the ab.

Plus you can put it on and still carry on with your normal daily life,  wearable anywhere anytime.

Value assets to have with you anytime whether you are at home or at the office.

Get quick results when combined with fitness activities.

The most important of the Slendertone Corefit abdominal toning belt is that you get a good result faster using it regularly along with various fitness activities including jogging, running, walking, etc… It’s more efficient when combined with all these fitness exercises. 

Slendertone CoreFit Ab Trainer Belt -with a woman running
Slendertone CoreFit Ab Trainer Belt –

FDA clinically Approved

The Slendertone Corefit is a great abdominal toning belt is FDA and clinically demonstrated approved as one of the best equipment to tone your abs from 6 weeks when using regularly for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Check out FDA indication for use here:

 Slendertone Corefit Ab Toning Belt FDA Indication Use

Slendertone Corefit belt is indicated by the FDA for the improvement of abdominal muscle tone, for Strengthening of abdominal muscles, and for the development of a (firmer abdomen) ‘FA’.

It is advised to eat right, do exercise, and of course the Slendertone belt, plus:

30-minute abs workout

10 programs

100 intensity levels

Improved compression

Tone all 4 abdominal muscles

Fit 24 to 42 waist up to 50 with included belt extender

Recommended use: 5 times per week

FDA 510(k) clearance #K180688 received in October 2018.

It’s Rechargeable And Adjustable

The great abdominal toning belt is rechargeable it comes with a USB port and a charging cable, adjustable with 10 programs and 100 adjustable intensity levels.


2 years warranty

The Slendertone Corefit is a great abdominal toning belt that comes with a 2-year warranty and support.

100%  good customer service guaranty

In case you have any issue with the product or you are not satisfied with what you buy you can get in touch with them via their customer service.

Tone your abs anytime anywhere

With the FDA clinically tested and approved product.

check out what buyers are saying here:

Buyers Reviews

Source >


‘Wow! I can feel it working in unused areas! i had scoliosis since my teen years which led to muscle imbalances all over my body. i have been lifting weight, staying in shape through athletic activities but i struggle with core strength the most.

I ve, gained little to moderate improvement with core strength after following some fitness advice but I have noticed some areas of my core just won’t activate, even when I am doing the exercise correctly or modify it to feel it.

i have used this belt for 2 sessions now, slowly bringing the intensity up during exercise and now i can feel weak core muscle

being activated! finally! my overactive muscle was not doing all of the work and allowing my underactive ones work and get stronger! I will continue to use the product in my routine for the next 4 weeks!


It worked right out of the box, used this to help tighten my core and strengthen it. fit really nice right out of the box and started working right away.

doesn’t take too long to charge and it is nice being able to see the strength level of your previous session.

The only thing i wish that was better would be how long the battery lasts.

It makes sense that it would only last 3 sessions with how small the battery is but would like to see it last a little bit longer instead of dying out in the middle of a session.


Surprisingly it is not a nonsense, this kinda seems like something that would be one of those as seen on TV product that don’t work. it is probably why you are in the review section.

eh. but after seeing i wanted to give some due credit – this is not nonsense, it does work. some other mayor probably don’t but Slendertone is the only FDA approved belt for increasing ab muscle tone.

I have this since October, writing on December 1st, and if i flex my tummy i can definitely see visibility muscle through it.

Now to really let it show in a natural unflexed setting, you do have to get your body fat down, most of a six-pack is reducing fat more than increasing muscle size, but this absolutely helps with the second regard.

The other thing to consider is fat is restive, the more you have between it and your muscles the less it will work.

90% of abs made in the kitchen! why not 5  stars – placement is everything, too high and it can hurt your ribs too low and it can be felt in your legs and occasionally it felt more like it was shocking me rather than working the muscle I am not sure what happened there but with careful placement, I think I have largely avoided this.

when they say place it over your naval by the way it means center the large pad over it not have the bottom part of it over your naval.

Is Slendertone Corefit Ab Toning Belt Worth Buying?

Well from what I’ve seen after my thorough observation I would say it is worth it plus the Slendertone Corefit ab toning belt has been tested clinically by the FDA so you can rest assured that you are going for the best, what makes me love this product is what those that have bought the belt are saying about it.


This topic has helped you with a review on the Slendertone Corefit is a great abdominal toning belt please if you have any

question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section down below, if this review helps you feel free to share it with others thanks.

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