Razorri Heated Blender Versus Sboly Personal Blender

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 About Razorri Heated Countertop Blender

Razorri heated countertop blender can make hot soups,  frozen foods, and smoothies, it comes with a 6- preset system, plus cold and heat functions,  10 speeds, and a 40-ounce jar glass pitcher equipped with a 1400W built-in motor.

 Product  Details

Brand nameRazorri
Model numberRFHE800A
Moto  power1400W
Speed count rate26000 RPM
Speed control10 adjustable, 6 preset
Hot temp  levelUp to 212°F
Cup capacity40 ounce
 Item weighs11 pounds
Product dimensions8/ 6/ 17 inches

About Sboly Personal Blender

The Sboly personal blender is a single-serve blender for smoothies and shakes cool small juice blender with 2 Tritan BPA-free 20-ounce  cups easy to clean and a cleaning brush.

 Product Details

 Brand    Sboly
 Item model10USSY621BK
Item weight3.61 pounds
Blend power300 watts
Cup size20 ounce
Dimensions4/ 4/ 14.7 inches
Material usedStainless steel, Tritan BPA-free
Global rating4.6 out of 5 stars

Razorri Heated Blender Versus Sboly Personal Blender

 Razorri Heated Countertop Blender Review

The Razorri heated countertop blender is one of the reliable professional multifunctional countertop kitchen cooking blenders that can handle both hot and cold ingredients and food preparations. A well-sturdy design and an easy control system make it easier to use.  The multi-use blender comes with important features and valuable components. It is built strong and lasts longer. The built-in motor inside doesn’t make noise when in use and capable enough to handle all varieties of nutrient ingredients hard or tough.

Razorri Heated Countertop Blender 
Razorri Heated Countertop Blender

This blender can blend smoothie, juice, cocktails, good to crush ice, and frozen foods. Perfect for hot soups, sauces, baby food, creams, veggies,  nut butter, and more,  all within a couple of minutes fast and smooth. The  40-ounce  jar glass included is thick and strong easy to clean and dish washable.  While the blade is made from high-quality stainless steel, BPA-free and safe to use. The blade included had been hardened, so it is safer and easy to clean.

What I Like About The Razorri Heated Blender

 Blending Power

The blending power of the Razorri blender is great. It is equipped with a  1400W built-in motor,   quiet and strong. It is even quieter than any professional blender of the same wattage and strong enough to handle the toughest and hot and cold ingredients.  The blender is structured in a way to allow fresh air into the motor to cool it down when in use and to dissipate the strong heat out easily. It also comes with ‘OCS’ which prevents the blender from burnout by auto-pulse the blender when getting overheated.


The blade included is strong and sharp, made from high-quality stainless steel a BPA -free and free from harmful material. The blade hard been hardened to make it safer.  Easy to install and unscrew, easy to clean, and dish-washable.  Plus the blender comes with Self-clean technology, so you won’t need to manually clean the blade.

Razorri Heated Countertop Blender 
Razorri Heated Countertop Blender

 Self -Cleaning

The Self-cleaning system included in this blender is very effective and makes it easier to clean you won’t need to dish-wash the jar glass or blade manual anymore.  Just add some water inside, the blender will clean itself up in no time.

Control System

The control system makes the blender more effective to use. The blender comes with 10 adjustable, 6 preset control systems, with 26000 RPM  speed count rate blade rotation per/minute. It has a hot level of about up to 212°F.

Razorri Heated Countertop Blender 

 Jar Pitcher

The 40-ounce  glass jar pitcher is more than enough for all the family blend and food preparations. It is made from a BPA free easy to use and clean. The blender has a good lock lit and vortex lock at the bottom steel to steel lock. The odorless glass jar is also leakproof and higher temperature resistance.

Razorri Heated Countertop Blender 
Razorri Heated Countertop Blender

Sboly Personal Blender Review

The Sboly blender is made for comfort blend anytime comes with important features and powerful components. Compact, versatile, and easy to carry, the 300-watt built-in power offers a quick blend in all your favorite smoothie and nutrient shakes, and in just a single touch you get a smooth blend out of your ingredients within 10 seconds.

The built-in motor is designed to last longer,  plus it doesn’t make noise.   However, the 2 portable cups included making this personal blender valuable to use even in your office.

Sboly Personal Blender
Sboly Personal Blender

The 20-ounce cup can be carried along with you anytime anywhere even in your workout activities.    while the 4-point stainless steel will slice through the toughest ingredient, pulverize coffee, and crush ice and other frozen foods fast and smooth. The ultra-sharp blade is easy to clean or removed.

 What I like about the Sboly personal blender.

Blending Power

The blending of the personal blender is great, it is equipped with a built-in 300watt motor powerful enough for a fast and smooth blend.   A great personal blender for a serve blend.  Thanks to the 4-point blade included  Blender can make quick smoothies, cocktails, juices, shakes,  and drinks.  The motor has an Overheat control system that will stop the motor automatically to avoid burnout.  It designed to last longer and to allow air to the motor.  The blade included is made from the BPA stainless steel strong and sharp easy to clean.


The personal blender compact and very easy to carry along with you even in your working place. It won’t make noise, so it is easy to use.  The  Two 20-ounce cups included are made from the high-quality BPA-free Tritan material, safe and easy to clean or dish-wash, the bottle comes with lids for a secure lock, so you can take your pre or pro workout shakes with you to the gym anytime.

Sboly Personal Blender
Sboly Personal Blender

Razorri Heated Blender Versus Sboly Personal Blender And Their Differences

Sbloly Personer Blender

  • The Sboly  is a personal blender  for small serve,  so it can only be used under  11OV-120V  USA standard
  • You will need a voltage converter if you want to use it in countries other than the USA.
  • You will have to cut all your ingredient into small pieces not larger than 3/4 inch to  1 inch because the Sboly blender is small otherwise the blade could get stuck and the blender won’t work or it will cause overload causing the motor to overheating straight up and damage the motor.
  • The Sboly blender is not for processing foods or hot or boiling liquid that exceeded  190°F  maximum, it can’t handle more than that.
  • You have to be sure to not overfill the blender and don’t blend continuously for more than 1 minute or the blender will stop working and will auto recover only after 15 to 20 minutes to about burnout.

Razrri Heated Countertop Belnder

  • The Razorri is a multifunctional countertop kitchen professional blender for both the commercial chef’s hot and cold and normal use.  It is perfect for hot soups, cream, sauce, good for food processing it can do the dough for your pizza, crush ice, and frozen foods, grind the coffee, blend smoothies, and nut butter.

Are Razorri And Sboly Good Blenders Worth Buying

I would say these are great blenders from great brands well known for their high-quality product offered to the buyers, so if you are looking for valuable blender juicing without breaking the bank for it, that will work then  I would recommend this one.

Razorri Heated Blender Versus Sboly Personal Blender -Conclusion

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