Prosourcefit Jump Rope And Resistance Bands-Home Fitness Equipment Review!

Made perfectly strong to withstand any performance, high-quality double dipped and latest rubber,  the prosourcefit resistance band is  made for both the athletes and non-athlete individuals.

However, the prosourcefit jump rope in the other hand is to blast out excess calories out of your body, good for losing weight, toning your

body, increase your endurance, cardio, and boost strength to your muscles.

On this topic I am going to be helping you with thorough and helpful review so that you know whether to buy or not buy these products. 

If you have any question about this topic please feel free to leave them down at the bottom.  

Prosourcefit Jump Rope

The prosourcefit speed jump rope 10 feet adjustable length supper fast turning for CrossFit, cardio boxing and more other sport.

image of the prosourcefit jump rope
image of the prosourcefit jump rope


What prosourcefit jump rope is all about?

 A well designed with prefect colors great for keeping fit at home or anywhere.

Good for the indoor and outdoor use, exercise your body stay agile and healthy with the prosourcefit jump rope.

Easy to carry along with you anywhere, it is for both the athletes and also for the ordinary individuals who want to keep fit and stay healthy.

So it is  great jump rope  for both the professional and the beginners, it has a tin rope with a lightweight plastic handle, however it is very

quick and easy to turn so if you want to do “double under” or you want the target reflex with this jump rope it is easy.

What can prosourcefit jump rope help you with?

It is the right jump rope for  an effective jump workout to keep your body healthy or maybe you want to burn more excess calories out of your bod.

It is good to improve endurance, you can also tone your body even at the comfort zone of your home with this jump rope.

It will help to juvenile and boost more agility to your body anytime you want.

Lose excess weight, increase endurance, loss calories and increase more strength to your muscles.

image of the prosourcefit jump rope
image of the prosourcefit jump rope

Who can use prosourcefit jump rope?

the prosourcefit jump rope is for everyone,  it is for both trained athletes and the beginners,  it is for the people like you and I and also for the :

The runners

The boxers

The tennis players

Great for cardio




Use it at the gym

Use to blast out excess calories out your body and for many more sports individuals.

It comes with 2 oz that is durable vinyl coated wire cord, plus it can even be adjust to perfectly suit your height.

It is 10 feet long with the opportunity of being able to adjust the size to perfect your movement.

Just by cut and strew it back to the normal, then there you go!.. get fit !!.  

What are the specifications?

Here are the specifications that come with the prosourcefit jump rope here :

Brand name: prosourcefit

Manufacturer: prosourcefit discount incorporation

Model name: prosource ps -117 -cjr- black speed jump rope

Size: 10 feet

Skill level: beginner, advanced, professional, and also for the intermediate individuals

Included components: speed jump rope

Item weight: 0. 25 pounds

Item dimensions L x W x H : 6 x 7 x 1 inches

Item package dimension L x W x H : 6 x 9 x 4 x 7 x 1.5 inches

Package weight: 0. 11 kilograms

what are the advantages of using prosourcefit jump rope?

It very convenient to use, it comes with  lightweight plastic handle that is to make it very easy to turn.

It can be used by anyone, it is perfect for beginners, advanced professional, and also for the intermediate individuals.

It is very strong and durable built to last longer, the prosourcefit jump rope comes with 2oz durable vinyl-coated wire cord, and it is easy to adjust to fit perfectly with your size.

It comes with 8 different colors for you to choose from.

The right jump rope for beginners and great for athletes like runners, boxers, tennis players and so many others.

Easy to take along with you anywhere, usable both indoors and outdoors.

Good for losing weight, toning your body, increase your endurance, and cardio, and boost strength to your muscles.

prosourcefit Resistance Band

The prosourcefit band tube resistance bands set with attached handles for fitness and various exercise. 

what the prosourcefit resistance band is about?

These are durable double-dipped latex tubes for long-lasting performance.

image of prosourcefit Resistance Band
image of prosourcefit Resistance Band

Comes with extra large and comfort foam handles, to make it more convenient to grip without any difficulty.

Enjoy the prosourcefit resistant band with different colors it includes the 5 of 48 inch long resistance bands with the resistance levels ranging from 2 to 20 pounds. 

What can I do with prosourcefit band tube resistance band? 

High-quality product good for strength and resistance training, very good for muscle recovery, Pilates, yoga and much more performance.

The prosourcefit tube resistance bands are fitness equipment that was made with high grade and most advanced quality materials, hence it is affordable.

Comes with high-quality commercial gym materials, great and  value for money,  perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 


 Prosourcefit band tube resistance bands is for who ?

Perfect resistance band that you can use to keep your body fit at any time anywhere,  it is good for those who don’t have time to go to the gym, those who don’t have access or those who don’t like to go the gym, here is what you can use it to do :

It great for CrossFit, 

Home fitness 

Good for yoga

Personal trainer 

And of curse also good for gyms, usable for all women and men, for the athletes and non-athlete individuals.  

image of prosourcefit Resistance Band
image of prosourcefit Resistance Band

what are the specifications?

Here is the specification that comes with great prosourcefit resistance band here :

Brand: prosourcefit

Manufacturer: prosource

style: modern

size : 48 – inch

Sport type: exercise and fitness

Colour: multi-colored

Model name: classic

Warranty description: full 90-day warranty from the date of the purchase and limited 1-year warranty.

Country of origin: united state


what are the advantages of using  prosourcefit band tube resistance bands? 

It is very convenient to use you can carry it along with you wherever you go. 

It helps to keep your body fit even at the comfort zone of your home. 

It was built to last longer built with  high quality durable double-dipped latex tubes perfect for all various kinds of performance. 

Very easy to grip come with attached handles for quick switching without any hassle. 

It is 5 of 48 – inch long resistance bands included. 

Great for both the athletes and non-athlete individuals, men and also for the women. 

It has a great resistance level range from 2 to 20 pounds , comes with a 1-year warranty on all bands that you buy.

Comes with the door anchor, that is prepackaged with the green band and handy travelling bag. 

My opinion on these products 

After my observation on the Prosourcefit Jump Rope And the prosourcefit resistance bands.

I would say they are good product their buyer’s review are also  great. 

Buyers are saying a positive things about them so if you are looking for a home fitness equipment that will last longer,  great value for money to keep your body fit at any time, these two what trying out!. 

Do you have a question!!?

I will like to get  feedback from all of you and if you ever have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free

to get in touch with us leave all your questions and comment down below and will be more than happy to get back to all of them, thanks.








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