ProsourceFit And DoSensePro – Acupressure Fitness Mat Review.

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ProsourceFit and DoSensePro, these great names when it comes to producing fitness mat.

On this review you are going to know what these product is all about, how it was produce, the material used, the benefits of to be using them and how finally how you can get them from.

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ProsouceFit- acupressure mat and pillow set for back , neck pain relief and muscle relaxation.

ProsouceFit- acupressure mat
ProsouceFit- acupressure mat

Using any kind of mat might not be good idea, you will never feel convenient with it, the procourceFit and acupressure mat and pillow set is great it is just

like a simple bed of 6, 201 acupressure points that will help you relieve stress, reduce pain, increase energy and it will also stimulate your endorphins.

what ProsouceFit- acupressure mat is capable of

Prosourcefit acupressure mat and pillow set it is the best sciatic treatment you can get, it has almost 8, 000 acupressure points and it includes neck pillow for your total comfort, this great mat will stimulates blood flow and

muscle recovery from your body, it can promote rest and enhance your relaxation, ProsouceFit- acupressure mat is available in 7 different colors.

This prosourcefit point and acupressure bed and therapy, will really help, the soft, plant based Eco foam is covered with 100 % cotton material and it has

been covered with plastic in which each dot of it have 27 small spikes that apply pressure to the meridian lines of our body, this in general has a total number of 6, 210 acupressure points while the pillow has 1,782 on it.

About the brand producing – acupressure mat

prosourcefit make a high quality and performance products for yoga, Pilates, cross training , resistance workouts, and muscle therapy, prosourcefit is allows there and active.

They help to us to stay in order for us to have good healthy life with there products that make fitness more easy and convenient for any individual,

prosourcefit has an extensive line of equipment that is perfect for home workouts and programs like P90X, personal trainers, crossfit, boxes, yoga

studios, gyms and so much more you can do with the prosourcefit great products.

ProsouceFit- acupressure mat product overview

ProsouceFit- acupressure mat product overview
ProsouceFit- acupressure mat product overview

Benefits in using ProsouceFit- acupressure mat

It can help us to reduce pain naturally from our body just by laying on it daily for about 10 to 30 minutes this acupressure will release endorphins that will block pain and help us to relax muscles better at the neck , feet or back it great.


Prosoucefit mat comes with cushioned foam mat that is large enough to fit for our entire back it also includes a pillow covered in acupressure points for neck support and more holistic pain relief.

This fitness mat can help us increase energy free and flow circulation in our system, for it comes with more than a thousands of acupressure point that can stimulate nerves and help to improve blood circulation in which boost

more energy, prosourcefit mat will help in quick muscle recovery which is very important for those users who can sit at a deck and also for those like an athletes or active person.

It come with a high quality 100 % thick cotton and plant based Eco foam, this prosourcefit acupressure fitness mat has about 6,210 it acupressure points, neck pillow has about 1, 782 acupressure points.

It will helps to relax better with relief, you can use it on your bed to improve rest and reduce insomnia, you can relax on it, for it has a massage pressure points that can help to release tight muscles and relief stress.

Buyers review


DoSensePro Acupressure Mat

Large acupressure mat and pillow massage set by Dosensepro, bonus included with cold gel pack, acupuncture mattress for back pain, relief sciatic, back, neck headaches and pains at pressure points.

DoSensePro Acupressure Mat
DoSensePro Acupressure Mat

What DoSensePro acupressure mat is all about

This is a durable soft touch material that is also gently on the skin acupressure mat, this mat can be heated to help relax sore muscles we can even chilled it in a freezer to help reduce swelling.

It has a long acupuncture mat set that are of a thousand spikes that are centrally located on the padded mat to gently press into back, neck and head.

It has a large size that is capable enough to fit the full back, all you have to do is lying on it for about 10 to 20 minute a day and you will be relief of any tension in your muscles and aids your body.

The stimulation points are made with high quality non toxic abs plastic that will not cause allergic reactions, soft foam mat on it is covered with 100% high quality cotton material

What can DoSensePro acupressure mat do for you

DoSensePro acupressure mat has gel that be hot or cold, that will improve your experience with warming or if you like cool it down prior to your preference.

DoSensePro Acupressure Mat
DoSensePro Acupressure Mat

It will relief your pain and makes you feel the relation in your system , it can help you to increase the level of oxygen uptake in the body.

It can also help with digestion, improve your sleep lifestyle and take care of your metabolism, Dosensepro acupressure mat improves, help with circulation and help you release tension.

This mat is capable enough to relief your body from aches and pains, it boost relaxation and calmness, this acupressure mat offers you an incredible easy

method to reduce stress in your body and massage your aching back and tense neck muscles.

DoSensePro Acupressure Mat product overview

DoSensePro Acupressure Mat overview
DoSensePro Acupressure Mat product overview

Health benefits in using DoSensePro acupressure mat

It help with the circulation and give a better health you can just lie or sit on the acupressure pad to rejuvenate while still stimulating your body and blood circulation.

It help to relief aches, this Dosensepro mat can help you to adjust your spine and the healing of many aches and pains, like lower back ache,headaches and so much more.

It helps to relax muscle in our body, you can use it to treat your muscles after gym, workouts, or after yoga and any fitness activities .

It can be use as a professional massage, you can try it, if you can be able to afford a masseuse and chiropractor visits.


Here are more here benefits that comes with this great product from dosensepro:

It can help to increase energy in our body

It helps improve sleep and relieve insomnia

It can help to increase uptake of oxygen

It help to relief headaches

it can help decrease blood pressure

It help increase levels of endorphin

It can help to relax muscles and joints

It can help decrease muscular tension and help to reduce hips and neck pains

It help improve free flow circulation

All these benefits and so much more you get out of this great acupressure from Dosensepro.


Here are acupressure mat for your fitness, that you can buy to stay fit, purchase the Prosoucesfit or Dosensepro acupressure mat and pillow set now

Here are acupressure mat for your fitness, that you can buy to stay fit, purchase the Prosoucesfit or Dosensepro acupressure mat and pillow set now

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