Pros And Cons Of Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender Review

Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender


Good Blending power


Good value


Overall performance is great



  • Good Blending power
  • Good value
  • Overall performance is great


  • Not  a hand free type of blender
  • No extra head or bowl included
  • Complains about the quality

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Vitamix  067991 Immersion  Blender

The Vitamix immersion blender is with a unique design and gorgeous look,  a   stainless steel body with 18 inches long hardened   BPA free blade, a built-in motor and easy to use, and ready to slice any tough or the hardest ingredients, for food preparations,  a normal and commercial use blender.

Product Details

Model number067991
Product dimensions3/ 3/ 18 inches
Item weight3.15 pounds
Control system5  variable speed setting
 Voltage110 volts
 Motor625 watts
Manufacturer warranty3-yrs Included
Global rating4.8

What I Like About Vitamix  067991 Immersion  Blender

The Vitamix is one of the greater blender producing brands and with their Vitamix  O67991 immersion you can achieve whatever you want with your various ingredients and food preparations including smoothie,   nut butter,  hot soups, veggies,  germs, creams, sauces, coffee, and frozen foods.  A well-sturdy design has distinguished the multi-functional immersion blender from the rest of them.    The Good looking and stainless steel body BPA-free, the blender is equipped with a powerful  625 watts horsepower motor that improves blending time.

Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender
Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender

Very quiet and easy to use, the  (OCS) prevent the moto from burning out.    The one-handed operating system makes it more of an ergonomic blender for everyone. 5  variable blending speeds make this blender easy to control. The blade included is strong and sharp enough for all varieties of ingredients.

Blending Power

It has a good blending power the  625 watts horsepower motor included is very effective and lasts longer.  It is designed in a way to allow fresh air to cool down the motor when it’s in use and to dissipate the strong heat out easily. The   Overheating  Control System included preventing the blender from burnout.  This blender doesn’t make noise when in use, it is even quieter than an immersion blender of its wattage.  And thanks to its good blending power this blender can easily blend smoothie, puree, baby foods, hot soups, creams, tomato sauce fast and smooth within a couple of seconds.

Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender
Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender

Control System

The good control system makes it more convenient to use, thanks to its one-hand operation you can easily operate the blender with just one hand while using your other hand to hold the cup you are using or when adding ingredients.  The multifunctional blender comes with 5-variable  speed and buttons that make it easy to control.


The blade included is hardened and guard to prevent scratching, BPA free, safe to use made from high-quality stainless steel, a strict resistance the blade comes with an easy twist and lock assemble, which make it easy to use, easy to clean, or keep.

Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender
Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender

What I Don’t Like About Vitamix  067991 Immersion  Blender

It isn’t a hands-free type of blender, you are mainly going to be using your hands to hang on it moving the immersion blender around up and down figuring out the speed and duration moving the blender around getting your ingredients blend, so it is not for everyone.

They don’t include any extra or different mixing heads and blending containers, you will be using your own bowl for blending, or if you don’t have you spending an extra $$.

There is are complaints about the quality of the vitamins immersion blender from buyers, one buyer says the blender is accurate while another one says it doesn’t blend smoothly.

check out what those  buyers are saying here

Buyers Reviews



Nah, I wanted to love this! I live in a van I wanted to replace my big Vitamix with this blender because it is smaller and weighs less. I hoped to use it more also since it would be more accessible, not stuffed in a  cupboard, and pulls less power. however, you wouldn’t get the same consistency of smoothies. I pay for Vitamix because i want my smoothies smooth. this did not deliver the quality I expected. it is also messy if you don’t do it just so.


Awesome product from the trusted Vitamix brand, wow this is a fabulous immersion  blender true to the Vitamix brand!! I m a happy owner of a Vitamix  pro750 used daily since 2012. This little cute immersion blender has so much power!  my boyfriend presented it to me as a Christmas gift but know better than waiting until then to present it to me because I already used it yesterday to make us pasta sauce from whole tomatoes, shallots, fresh basil, and spices. It took me 45 seconds on level 2 to make the dreamy sauce.

I m a power smoothie persona and knew the true test would be my breakfast smoothie this morning. I layered  the ingredients as instructed in the booklet which is the opposite of what I do in my 750 pros: cacao powder, sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, Medjool dates, banana, water. I was skeptical it could produce smooth smoothies in my actual big smoothie glass.

Alas, I turned on the power, immersed this beautiful into the ingredients as far down as it would go, started at speed 1 as they suggested, and then cranked it slowly to speed 5.

The  speed 5 is so powerful I couldn’t move it so I put it down to 3 and blending for about 30 seconds. I was impressed! it made a creamy, dreamy smoothie.  it wasn’t as smooth as my 750-pro mainly because I still need to get the hang of moving the immersion blending around  up and down figuring out the speed and duration

Pros And Cons Of Vitamix 067991 Immersion  Blender


  • Unique look
    Good value
  • Good blending power
  • Overall performance is great
  • 100% good customer service anytime they offer fast shipping as well as excellent packaging to keep your package from getting damaged during shipment.
  • +plus you can get in touch with them anytime via their customer service in case you are having issue with the product.
  • 100% full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you purchased you can return the product for your full refund.


  • No extra head or bowl  included
  • Not  a hand free type
  • Complains  about the quality
  • Not for everyone
  • No many color options
  • Limited edition
Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender
Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender

Is Vitamix 067991 A Good Blender Worth Buying

I would say this is a great blender from a great brand with their high-quality product offered to the buyers so if you are looking for a valuable immersion blender without breaking the bank for it, that will work then  I would recommend this one, and because you can return it if you are not satisfied with what you purchase.

Pros And Cons Of  Vitamix 067991 Immersion Blender Review -Conclusion

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