Movemint and fitindex – Vibrating rollers foam Review

Hello everyone and welcome, on these article i am going to be helping you with an infighting review that will inform you and let you know about the best vibrating roller

foams great for fitness that are on sale right now, these these are fitness foam that will help you all along to achieve your various fitness goals.

Are you scare to go to the gym because of the muscle pain? well with these vibrating roller foams from Fitindex and Movemint morph will surely helps you with that, relieve

your body pain and soreness, train and roll on, be free!, deliver your muscles from pro or pre workout stress, and get on with your life!.

This review will help to know how this product was made, what are the benefits in using them and i will be also giving link to where you can get them from or you really

want to know more about them, if you ever have any questions or comment please leave them down the bottom of the topic, these are what am talking about here:


Roller foam – by fitindex

fitindex vibrating foam roller with 5 speed, next generation electric foam for the muscle recovery fitness deep tissues trigger foam roller for both pro and pre workout pain relief.

Roller foam - by fitindex
Roller foam – by fitindex

What is Vibrating rollers foam – By fitindex is all about?

fitindex vibrating roller foam is aiming to treat muscles real great, with it combination pressure and vibration will helps massage, improve performance and quick muscle recover.

It going to help you in reducing muscle soreness, you don’t have to worry about the pro workout muscle stress anymore, infarct you can use this roller foam to warm up, or

cool down, your muscles, if you have this foam you’ve got a functional training rehabilitation.

And the main purpose that makes me to love this foam is that it can be use as a personal massager or as physician therapy.

It has a special wave pattern that was design to provides you with the three different

massage sensations and deep stimulation, it is very easy to use plus you can take it with you anywhere you are.

It is a light weight 3lbs that you can basically take along with you anywhere it come with a friendly and the higher density textured Eva foam.

Roller foam – by fitindex overview

Roller foam - by fitindex overview
Roller foam – by fitindex overview

How Vibrating rollers foam – By fitindex made up?

It was design with an humanize USB charging design, you don’t have to be thinking all

the time about losing the charging cable, the charger requires the same a mobile phone and you also get 2000mAh internal lithium ion batteries.

Roller foam - by fitindex
Roller foam – by fitindex

If you can be able to charge it to the full level, then it can supply you more than 5

hours of highest speed level, the deep tissue massage that this roller will give can deeply stimulate and penetrate heavily to soothing muscles.

A Plus to that is that it can also stimulate and provide a combination of frequency conversion at each speed, it very easy to switch from one frequency to another which

consist 2400RPM to 3400RPM you can choose the right speed and intensity that suit your need at ease.

It consist of a thinner water ripple that can actually help you to stimulate the muscles for a more intense massage and feelings.

To turn on the switch press power button then the first indicator speed will light up, press the power button to adjust the speed, press the mode button then to switch to

constant speed and variable speed, automatically turns off very 15 minute, which also is the default time.


How can you benefit from using Vibrating rollers foam – By fitindex ?

It can help us to recover from quickly from injuries plus it can also be use for the post workout muscle recovery, it can be use for a functional training rehabilitation and for

Roller foam - by fitindex
Roller foam – by fitindex

physician therapy , it will cool down and help you recovered from soreness and improve your performance.

It has a 5 vibrating levels and 1 frequency conversion, you can choose the right speed and the intensity that best works for you, the vibration level if varies from 2400RPM to

3400RPM, high penetration muscle soothing and deep stimulate and provides combining frequency conversation at each speed.

It not like any other roller foam that will provide lower or indifference massage sensations and deep stimulation, the deep tissue will trigger foam has three special waved pattern design, the thinner water ripples, the widest water ripples.

It very convenient to carry along with you anywhere you go this portable and Eco friendly materials rollers form will take care of your muscles everywhere, it comes with

a portable caring bag, it weighted about 3lbs with an higher density texture that keep it clean all day.

It charger is the same to the smart phone , with a convenient usb charger port design,

you can charge it to full level and it will serve you about 5 hours and provides over 2 hours of use per charge on the highest speed level, so it will make you carry on with

your massage without having to worry for whatsoever, it humanized designed will take good care of your muscle.

Movemint Morph – vibrating roller foam

A vibrating foam roller with 3 speeds rechargeable high intensity density electric trigger

point vibration foam rolling training for fitness muscle recovery, deep tissue vibrant massage for exercise, with caring bag is included

Movemint Morph - vibrating roller foam
Movemint Morph – vibrating roller foam

what Movemint Morph – vibrating roller foam if for ?

An advanced recovery designed to increase pinpoint pressure with high intensity vibration for a deep relaxation massage that improves muscle recovery, tightness and

performance, a build in battery that will make it last longer, you enjoy up 5 hours of constant vibration to avoid recharging days to even weeks at a time, with it density perfect eva foam help to reach more deep knots without feeling pain anymore.

3 speeds of , more power estimated at 1500, 2500 and 4000 vibrations per minutes for a soft therapeutic massage or the high intensity roll on, portable and easy to carry

along with you, it has about 12.5 length and 6 diameter that will covers all the part of your body, carry it all along with you with a caring bag that come and it with an attached handle


Refresh your body with and a new introduced great brand, MOVEMINT doing great

vibrating roller foam with a trigger point design, that has up to a 4, 000 vibrations per minute for a quick muscle recovery this foam can also be as a therapeutic massage, physical therapy and as personal massager.

Movemint Morph – vibrating roller foam overview

Movemint Morph - vibrating roller foam overview
Movemint Morph – vibrating roller foam overview

Movemint Morph – vibrating roller foam as an advance technology

It was designed with a trigger point outer skin to increase actual point pressure paired with high intensity vibration gives you a deep relaxation, it will relax, improves and help

increase the recovery time of the muscle, you are going to enjoying rolling on it for it has a comfortable high density Eva foam enough to reach deep down your muscles and thus help avoid pain.

Movemint Morph - vibrating roller foam
Movemint Morph – vibrating roller foam

The battery is long lasting you can keep rolling for 5 hour of constant vibrating with every charge, you wouldn’t have to recharge it for many times.

It smooth surface will help with a consistent and smooth roll, 3 speed with give more power and vibration of 1500, 2500, and 4000 per minute, it going to give an unlimited

power when it fully charge for 3 hours or even less, this roller foam is big enogh to cover your body no matter what.

It 6 diameter and has an attached handle to it, it will help massage and relieve your back pain including the one at your legs, hips , lower back, upper back, and the flexors muscle.

what are benefit in using Movemint Morph – vibrating roller foam

It will help to relief pain and stress from the muscle

It can be use as personal massager

It dense enough for a deep tissue knot release and help to avoid pain

It is rechargeable with long lasting battery life, that gives you an experience up to 5 hours of vibration per charge.

Its vibrate power will gives you up to 4,000 vibrations per minutes for a better and quick muscle recovery.

You could use this roller as a physical therapy and also for the therapeutic massage.

It has a smooth surface that will help roll all along and will help relief tension and soreness in the muscles.

The speed can be easily adjustable to three variable vibrant which includes 1,500 2, 500 and 4,000 vibration per minutes.



Both these vibrating rollers can benefits ordinary individual, athletes and non athlete for it will help relieves muscle stress and soreness from the muscle, help with oxygen

uptakes and thus increase and ease the free and flow of blood to the affected area, so

you wouldn’t have worry about pain anymore with these great roller foam follow the link to know more about them and grab your own.

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