MBB Ab Trainer Review-Home Ab And Core Machine

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MBB Ab Trainer Home Ab Machine

The MBB ab equipment, home ab machine functional multiple movement core, strength, abdominal training 10 in 1 magic bodybuilding with 3 levels resistance for adult men and women approved and certified by 122 countries.

MBB Ab Trainer Review-Home Ab And Core Machine
MBB Ab Trainer Review-Home Ab And Core Machine

Product detail and overview

Brand nameMBB
ManufacturerRaytheon sports
Product typeAb  core trainer
 Suggested usersMen and women
Material useSteel and foam
Exercise typeStrength
package dimension,L18.3/ W13.6/ H3.9 inches
Date availableJuly 2, 2020
Customer reviews4.3 out of 5 stars of 33 reviews
Bestseller rank70, 614 in sports and outdoors and 393 in core strength and abdominal trainer

MBB Ab Trainer Home Ab And Core Machine Review

The MBB Ab Trainer Home Ab And Core Machine is a multi exercise and fitness equipment great for ab and core, you can also target and train various part of your body with different exercise, there are more than 10 different types of workout that you can do.

One of the keep secret amazing fitness tool innovated to help you keep fit at home. So great for fit at-home exercise and you can use it for various functions.

Good for men and women whether you are an expert, immediate or a beginner this would work to your satisfaction.

MBB Ab Trainer Review-Home Ab And Core Machine
MBB Ab Trainer Review-Home Ab And Core Machine

Made From High-Quality Material.

MBB  strength trainer is made from high-quality materials, for example, the alloy spring and stainless steel that was used is a military-grade that allows up to 3 adjustable resistant levels which include 16KGs /20KGs/ 26KGs.

So you can adjust it very easy to target various muscle group on your body anytime you love to keep fit, plus it’s an all in one fitness equipment that will help you save more money, pace and your time so, for example, you can still keep your body fit performing various exercise anytime you want with this trainer even without having to go to the gym. 

Train and tone your body at the comfort zone of your home while saving more money on gym and other gym pieces of equipment.

 Easy To Use No Assembly Needed

It comes with a well sturdy design very portable versatile ergonomic and easy to carry along with you anywhere. The MBB Ab Trainer Home Ab And Core Machine is very easy to store and came you anywhere. you don’t need to waste time on assembling it because it comes easy with easy assembly plus a very strong structure made to last longer.

Check out this video below for it shows you how to use MBB Ab Trainer Review-Home Ab And Core Machine

Advantages Pros And Cons


  • It comes with the DVD exercise guide and manual that guide you through how to properly perform so you do those exercise easily by following the easy guides that follow it.
  • 100 % good customer satisfaction service in case you are having any issue with the product you get in touch with them through via their customer care service to help any time.
  • +their 90-day money-back service and lifetime guarantees are if you are not satisfied with what you purchase you can return it for your full refund.


  • It’s great for upper body moves but over 55 pounds of resistance is way too much for someone who isn’t already pretty fit.

Check out  what those that are using this product are saying about it below

Buyers reviews



Adequate tension, I use this thing every day, I’ve even gotten creative with it and found other ways to use it. for instance, if I sit on the floor with my legs apart, I can tuck one side under my legs and pull the side and use it as a row machine. my seven-year-old daughter tries to use it too but she can only do very few reps. I mention this to say there is adequate tension. I want all my female friends to buy one.

Ashley Lentz

It’s flexible, the quality of the pedal stretcher is good. it is an artifact for body training. it is light and portable. it is very practical§ beautiful color, affordable price, satisfaction! if you have nothing to do, you will be in good health! can complete a lot of cans not complete the action, the quality is also good. very convenient easy to use, safe local good quality.


Resistance stranger than described, large for us shorter people. I was exceiste to try this as I love fitness gadget and when they added a $10 off coupon, I ordered it even though I read reviews on another brand of the same item from shorter people that it was too big. turns out for me, they were right.

I’m  5’3 and this is uncomfortable to use to do ab crunches with as it is so long it press into the top front of my shoulders instead of my upper chest or below, which get pretty painful after a few reps.

The manufacturers claim their low resistance level is about 35 pounds of resistance (16kg in a pound) I measure the resistance. Moving the smaller side toward the larger only a few inches using a calibrated spring scale, the resistance was 55 pounds  – I couldn’t move it further as my wrist isn’t that strong but I’d guess it gets to around 75 pounds of resistance when fully compressed.

For upper body moves, over 55 pounds is way too much for someone who isn’t already pretty fit. people who have been sedentary, have had injuries or who just aren’t that strong could hurt themselves turning to close it or just become frustrated as they would be able to move the two sides together.

if you are getting this hopping to start to get fit, it is going to be too strong. at over 55 pounds of resistance if you are under id think 5′ 8′ or taller, the abdominal exercise in the third image is going to hurt- in the picture, the women have this under her armpit, but think about pushing 60 pounds of pressure with your armpit – ouch! I tried pushing against it with my chest rather than my armpit, but it was too tall. and the padding, which would probably be adequate for the resistance of up to 30 pounds, isn’t thick enough at over 50 – it presses deeply and slightly painfully into my thighs for adductions.

I do use them for hip addictions- where you put it between your thighs and squeeze. It’s pretty challenging and I am used to doing 100 to 130-pound addictions at the gym but the ergonomic of the MBB ab Equipment make most movements more difficult. it shouts out from under me when I try to do some of the floor exercises pictured like what they call “side waist” and “waist training ” foàr the one they call waist training, the wonder core smart is better as you can adjust the resistance, it starts out less open and it’s more stable on the floor.

This could be useful to add to your at-home workout. if you are already pretty strong- not bodybuilding, but have worked out your chest and arms regularly at over 40 pounds, this unit could be useful.

If you haven’t, it’s going to be very difficult and I’d recommend you use one of the many thigh master units available here a spring power twister or something like this with padding on the arms – I use barbel shoulder pads on the arms of mine.

It was good for me for hips and inner thigh but I’ve been working them regularly for a while now. I wasn’t able to use their everything for hip addictions, okay for the chest if I’m careful.

My Observation On MBB Ab Trainer Home Ab and Core machine.

If you are looking for an ab core trainer to tone ab and boost strength to your core I would recommend this one.  It will work fine to help burn more excess calories, fat and lose weight and stay healthier and again you are buying a cool piece of fitness equipment that has been approved by 122 countries.


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