Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench Review-( Slant Board SB-4606)

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Marcy Adjustable Utility bench Slant board SB-4606

Marcy utility slant board SB-4606 with/headrest with foldable design, adjustable to various different positions great incline decline bench sit-ups.

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench Review

Specs details and overview

Brand nameMarcy
Part numberSB-4606
Item dimensions5L 9/ 18W / 29H inches
Item weight22 pounds
Product typeFitness exercise bench
Size29.00 / 18.00/ 59.00 inches
Suggested usersMen and women utility
Material usedHigh-quality foam and steel
Model nameBench for exercise and fitness
Item package dimension52. 5/ 14/ 7 inches
Package weight12.13 kilograms
Warranty description2 years manufacturer warranty
Bestsellers rank3, 204 in sport and outdoors and 3 in strength training Olympic weight benches
Buyers rating BY FEATURESValue for money 4.6/ easy to assemble 4.6/ Sturdiness 4. 5/ versatility 4.2

Marcy adjustable Utility Slant Board SB-4606 Review

An amazing decline utility slant bench for anyone who loves to keep fit, the mercy slant board is built to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Well Constructed with 4 adjustable position angles, adjustable height, adjustable and high-quality roller foam, and contoured high-density headrest gives you a perfect contract during performance.

Adjustable And Easy to maneuver

The Marcy bend can be adjusted to various different positions to target, train, and strengthen various muscle groups on your body. Come with a release locking pin that makes it easy for you to fold up easily and store wherever you want whether in your garage or maybe you want to take it along with you in your car.

The mercy bench is very versatile with a compatible design ready to store anywhere. A piece of very useful fitness equipment for an at-home workout so no more excuses you can exercise your body at any time at the comfort of your home if you don’t have time to go to the gym.

Built to last longer

Very strong fitness exercise equipment made to last longer, the Marcy adjustable utility bench is made out of a heavy-duty steel tube frame, so all you get is a very strong, durable, and stable, not wobble! bench.

More to that is the powder-coated finish that gives it an incredible and stylish figure.

It’s water-resistance and corrosion free, it doesn’t get rusted or breakdown. You can rest assured that this bench will serve you for years even with heavy regular use.

Portable and easy to carry along anywhere

The Marcy utility slant board SB-4606  is very easy to store or carry, nevertheless, the locking pin has made it possible to be easy to fold up and to keep, so you have more space after performance. You have more possibilities to keep your body fit anywhere with this bench.

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench Review

Various Type Of Exercise Is Doable

You can use this bench to perform various kinds of fitness workouts to target various parts of your body.  The 4 angle position bench can be used in Four declines and decline positions, so more great exercise to train and build more muscle is possible without having to go to the gym.

For example, train and strength your abs, back, core, chest, etc… with various workout routines. like decline chest press, incline situps, leg lifts, and many more.

4 Padded Foam For A Secure Grip

The 4 roller padded handles in included to ensure a perfect and secure grip during the performance, however, the headrest foam is included to support your head during the performance.

pros and cons

Here are some of the advantages you get using the Marcy adjustable utility slant board SB-4606 :


  • The backrest included is longer wide and amazingly make of high-quality deluxe padded leather and great upholstery workmanship to ensure total comfort anytime.
  • 100% good customer service guaranteed for example if you have any issue with the product just get in touch with them via their customer service anytime.
  • 100% back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what you buy,  return the product for a full refund.
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty is included.


  • Adjustable to flat bench is not included

Check out what those that are using this bench are saying  about it down below:

Buyers reviews

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very happy! I am very with my new Marcy utility slant board with w/headrest. the package arrived in good condition, although it was the actual board package that it was shipped in. No exterior packaging.

All parts were included. it was very quick and easy to, put together. everything fit as it should. I am a 5.5 115lb woman and my son is 5′ 10″ 145 lbs and we are able to use it easily on the same adjustment levels for leg height and steepness.

My son’s head almost reaches the end of the board not the form roller part, so definitely more room for a taller person.

I find the padding on the board comfortable and the foam roller has a nice amount of giving so they aren’t too stiff on my legs.

The boards don’t slant as much as I am used to with the gym decline ab bench but it is still more than adequate to get a good workout. the board is stable for both my son and me. and it works well for decline dumbbell chest presses as well.

I already had one rubber covering over the end of the base legs come off from moving the bench. I think others commented on this too.

I will resolve this problem easily by gluing them on. I haven’t folded the bench as I have the room to keep it out. I would buy this again.

Darl TC

A good buy for the price, hollo I was a bit skeptical about this item due to my weight being 217 lbs. After reading the review I heard the weight limit could take up to 250 I hope to never get to that weight for my height.

So I figured it would be a good idea to get one and give it a shot. to my surprise despite looking at the illustration full of numbers, the actual installation and set up was fairly straight forward and simple! it took about 15 minutes to assemble the bench. it is really light I was surprised once it is folded it is no problem to move.

It also folds fairly flat the only thing that sticks out is the leg holder. great item for the price as well as amazing quality in craftsmanship. Does not feel cheap whatsoever despite the relatively low cost!

Dan Carrison

Pretty good, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of assembly and the sturdiness of the bench. I have a kind of assemble-phobia, probably because of the incomprehension of international step by step translations I usually see.

But these instructions were purely pictorial. The illustrations were clear and easy to follow.

It was actually kind of fun. the bench itself supports my 240 lbs. Easily. I am 6’3 and there is still headroom when I do incline dumbbell presses. I gotta say, for the price, this is a quality product. five stars.

A carter

Love this, it is perfect! I often am embarrassed to do ab work at the gym because my abs aren’t that strong and I shake a lot of side note: I know that strengthening your muscle is what the gym is for but I’m still insecure.

I bought this as a way to at least get into incline sit ups and leg lifts. it is perfect! what a value for the money! and, I put it together by myself while having a girl talk with one of my friends I find it sturdy, 5′ 6 170lbs sizes 10/12 average athlete build.

Is Marcy Utility Slant board SB-4606 worth buying

To my opinion, this bench is awesome, and coupled with that are the reviews of those that are using it. It buyer’s ratings are great which is very important when buying a product especially exercise equipment like this.


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