Kaikang Adjustable Weight Bench Review

On this topic, I am helping you with a thorough review about the Kaikang Adjustable Weight Bench utility including video, image ratings, and reviews from those that are using it however if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

About Kaiking adjustable weight bench

The Kaikang Adjustable bench is also a utility weight bench great for a full-body workout, plus it is foldable and can be used as flat, incline or decline bench positions, in short, this is cool and multi exercise bench to get fit at home anytime.

Kaikang Adjustable Weight Bench
Kaikang Adjustable Weight Bench

product details and overview

Brand nameKaikang
Product typeMulti exercise weight bench
Material usedFoam, leather, steel
Suggest userUnisex
DimensionsFolded size 31.9/ 14.2/ 14.2 inch


unfold 43.3″ length 24.6″ width / 34.6inches height.

Weight capacity330lbs
Bestseller ranks16, 425 in sport and outdoors and 36 in strength training adjustable benches.
Global reviews4.0 out 5 stars of 140 reviews

Kaiking Adjustable Weight bench review

The Kaiking Adjustable weight bench is foldable with 7 backrests and pad adjustable position so you can easily target the various position you want when it is time to keep your body fit.

You can target and train various part of your body including your back, abdominal muscles, chest, shoulder, legs, your arm performing different kinds of exercise anytime, this bench is great for the home workout so you safe more money for yourself on the gym.

Sturdy Design And Easy To Use

This is easy to use weight bench adjustable and foldable easy to keep you safe more space in your room. Portable and easy to carry to places whenever you want to workout.

The Kaikang bench comes with a high-quality density Foam padding and seats for total comfort and security your body during exercise while reducing strain and fatigue that can arise as a result of doing exercise.

However, the leather used on this bench is high quality with dense foam padding, soft and gentle on the body guaranteeing a comfortable exercise performance anytime.

Easy Installationtion

This bench is not so difficult to assemble because it comes with a pre-assembled possibly to ease the assembly process also included as the installation tools that you need for quick installation and stated using your bench keeping your body fit.

Great Dimension

Kaikang weight bench comes with adjustable, foldable and easy to store dimensions. It is  about size 31.9/ 14.2/ 14.2 inch when folded and about 43.3″ length 24.6″ width / 34.6inches height when unfolded.

So as you can see it is easy to carry along anywhere you want with no hassle because it is portable and easy to store.

Check out this video below for it shows you how to properly assemble Kaiking Adjustable weight bench.

pros and cons


  • It comes with 1 year (FRAME) replacement+30 days warranty on the (PADS).
  • +100% money-back guarantee in case you are satisfied with what you purchase just return the bench for your full refund.
  • 100%  good customer service you get in touch with them anytime in case you have any issue with what you bench via the customer service.


  • Bad Customer reviews it’s not recommended from those that are using it.

Check out what those that are using this bench are saying about it here:

Buyers Reviews


David T

Decent for the price, would not work for most function if you are over 5’9 decent for the price; easy to assemble. It is on the small size but still works as a basic adjustable bench. I am 5’9 and find that the other functions of the bench, ie.

Preacher curl pad and the leg extension are adjustable to the max length and are barely useful at my height. I would not recommend for the added function if you are over 5’9. The supplied rope is simple lungee cord and provides little resistance.


Look okay… … however

This product looks okay. however, it comes with major flaws, first, the leg lift sits to low the ground, which makes it almost impossible to place a medium or large weight on it. Plus the max weight on the bar is like to be 20-30 pounds: damage the bar.

The arm curl padding isn’t wide enough. It comes with a few plastic parts that definitely should be metal. The only good thing about this product was its assembly time and the fact it can be folded. I strongly would recommend looking for something else or waiting until after the holiday. 


I hope this review is of help to someone who is interested in purchasing this adjustable weight bench. First of all, I am female 5’5, 212lbs and not extremely zoftig but instead rather thin for my weight. I found a few things wrong with this item.

Number one, the preacher curl pad is extremely small 12″ x 6 1/2 which is small. when you place the rest in a flat position you end up with a gap which is about 4 wide between the pad you sit on and the backrest that can be adjustable in the upper and lower position to do barbell lifts.

There really isn’t much position to do barbell lifts. There really isn’t much support when you are lying down but instead a big gap from above buttocks to the upper part of your back.

That would be the 4-inch space. the leg curl bar is the king of small about 12 1/4 and when placing your feet under the bar they end up hitting the weights so the kit is impossible to even use the leg curl after weights have been attached.

It seems no matter how much you tighten the bolt for lower leg curl it still swings up and down when it has been fastened tightly. You should be able to tighten it dead centre. Basically, it swings up and down no matter how tight the bolt is. There is no way the guy in the photos is able to use this bench without them being doctored.

This bench was moulded to someone of Asian descent and usually, they are very slim and could probably get away with using this bench.

That said, I am going to keep it and do the best I can with it but I would advise anyone who is interested in this bench to just bypass it even though the price seems right.

Sadly I will have to have someone modify it rewelding which will end up costing me money. spend a little more maybe on a wider bench and get a brand that has been around for many years. you get what you pay for!

My Verdict On Kaikang Adjustable Utility Weight bench

I, as you can see the customer reviews are not encouraging, what those that are using this bench are saying is not fair enough for me to recommend this weight bench. you can check this one out the review here if you are looking other great adjustable bench weight bench here >>. 


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