Italian Pastas-Keeps You Fit For Sure.

In this post I am going to be talking about some incredible Italian pasta that great for you, did you know that eating pasta can make you feel great and stay fit at the same time?

Ways To Eat Pasta Without Getting Fat

In fact, pasta is one of the great food, that will give a healthy diet, pasta is rich in energy and can supply,  you with more fiber.

Eating pasta can help you in many ways, including helps to reduce the possibility of stomach disorders and problems.

It is one of the groups of food that can help to lower cholesterol in your body.

Different Types Of Italian pasta And Brand That Is Great For Nutrition.

So, in this article, I am going to be providing you with a useful review and information, about some great Italian pasta that you can rely on. All these products are great, safe, and will do good things in your health including keeping your body fit.


1.) Pici – Pasta by Morelli

Antico Pastifico Morelli 1860 Pasta Al Germe Di Grano,

 The Morelli pici pasta from Italy 

It is a gourmet pasta versatile and healthy with all the flavor of homemade pasta with, wheat germ, sets this pici pasta apart from all others.

Pici  Pasta by Morelli

The taste of the Tuscany, was produced in Italy and imported from Italy. This authentic Italian pasta would bring the traditional flavors of Tuscany to your table.

It is classical pasta, that when you are cooking as classic pasta dish at home, nothing that Italian pasta wouldn’t do but to be classic, with all the homemade flavor and delicious aroma of Morelli’s pici pasta, everyone will ask for more

It is perfect for sauces, the texture of the pasta will let sauces cling to it, so it’s great for pairing with your favorite recipes for a real Italian meal.

What is Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is the heart of the grain of wheat rich in flavor and nourishing active ingredients.

The wheat germ contains vitamins A, D, and E and also provides a wonderful aroma while cooking it.

The wheat germ also gives you the cooking water a slightly green hue making cooking Morelli’s pasta a completely unique experience.

The durum wheat semolina is thither than spaghetti but thinner than a pencil, quite dense-and able to absorb sauces well and give more succulent and full-bodied flavor to your meals.

Pici pasta can be used in classic Italian dishes with just a touch of olive oil pesto.

The pasta holds up beautifully in more complex meals with meat, mushrooms, tomatoes, and sauce added to it.

Durum wheat semolina is also a healthy choice for pasta as it is very high in protein and low in gluten.

Enjoy true Italian cooking and make a perfect enjoy true Italian cooking and make perfect healthy flavorful pasta in just 22 minutes.

Pici will keep you in wonderful shape and size, providing you with deliciously plump noodles.


2.) Santa Ninfa – by Cavatelli

Santa Ninfa Cavatelli Molisani Italian pasta, 1 pound 64 ounce

Santa Ninfa - by Cavatelli

It was based on the same deep respect for its homeland, the Santa Ninfa brand produces high-quality pasta using only semolina wheat and fresh mountain spring water, with no salt or artificial ingredients added.

About Santa Ninfa

The family-owned Santa Ninfa brand was founded many years back in


Sicilian town of the same name, however, historically Santa Ninfa was

a saint involved to end a strong drought that was devastating the areas and so, she has always represented a strong connection with the land, harvest, and food.


3.) Dal Raccolto

Dal Raccolta Bronze die cut pasta, Linguine 1 ib (pack of 3)

Dal Raccolto bronze collection reflects both a philosophy and way of life.

Pasta Dal Raccolto

It is relying on the old-world Italian traditions, the farmers and the local artisan producers are instinctually bound by a deep connection with nature, dictating the precise moment to harvest each crop at its peak.

What Dal Raccolto is All About

Dal Raccolto Italian artisanal bronze die pasta is produced in accordance with time-honored traditions.

Pasta Dal Raccolto

Based in the small village of Sant Elia a pianist in the region of Molise, Italy, Dal Raccolto artisanal pasta, pays homage to the traditions of the region, by offering unique artisan pasta cuts that are signature to Molisano cuisine.

It is this beloved, old-fashioned tradition that the craftswomen behind dal raccolto artisanal pasta hold dear.

Bronze dies, the craftswomen slowly extrude the dough through bronze dies, resulting in the perfect surface texture for the sauce to adhere to.

The pasta is then skillfully dried on looms or in wooden trays for up 20 hours to complete the age-old process.

Semolina flour

The dal raccolto product is made from durum wheat semolina and fresh mountain spring water with no salts or artificial ingredients added.

Air-dried in the old world tradition. No salts or artificial ingredients added,

It has been the product of Italy for years the dal raccolto product is authentically made with pure Italian ingredients and Italian quality.

How Dal Raccolto was produce

The process begins by selecting the finest locally milled durum wheat semolina and kneading it together with purified mountain water to

creates truly homemade quality like Dough.

The dough is then extruded slowly through bronze-dies by the craftsmen and then skillfully dried on loos or within wooden trays for up to 20 hours, which completes the age-old process.

The resulting artisan pasta is then packed and represents Italy’s very best quality in compliance with treasured traditions.

Important Features

  • Italian artisana bronze die-cut pasta – 100 percent durum wheat
  • Two simple ingredients: Durum wheat semolina and spring water
  • Cooks in 9-11 minutes
  • product of Italy
  • Air-dried from 24 to 72 hours


4.) Suddenly Salad – by Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker suddenly salad creamy Italian pasta salad 8.3 0z Box (pack of 6)

With the Betty Crocker sudden salad ranch and bacon salad mix you can have this flavorful dinner ready in just 25 minutes, you are 30 minutes away from a fiesta of flavor in a big bowl of luscious layered salad.

How to prepare Suddenly Salad



You will need 1/2 cup of mayonnaise

1. fill 3-quart saucepan two-thirds full of water. Heat to boiled. Add pasta. Gently boil uncovered 13 minutes stirring occasionally.

2. while the pasta is cooking, stir together seasoning and mayonnaise

in a medium bowl. set aside

3. Drain pasta, rinse with cold water; drain well. stir pasta into seasoning mixture.

serve immediately, or refrigerate, if like stir in a few teaspoons of milk to moisten refrigerate salad.

refrigerate leftovers microwave directions fill 2/1 quart microwaveable casserole dish with handles with 4 1/2 cups of water.

Pour pasta into the water, stir. microwave time may vary. caution, dish, and pasta will be very hot, continues as directed in steps 2 and 3 above.


It enriches in penne rigate pasta, wheat flour, niacin, ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, maltodextrin, salt, carrots, sugar,

Red bell pepper, peas, also contain less than 1 percent of, modified corn starch, buttermilk, onion, garlic, Parmesan cheese, milk, cheese cultures salt,

Enzymes, whey protein concentrate, sour cream, cream, skim milk, cultures, vegetable oil, canola, soybeans and or sunflower oil, basil, oregano, vinegar, whey,

lactic acid, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, citric acid, spice, gar, gum, natural flavor, silicon phosphate, yeast extract, mono and diglycerides, enzyme-modified romano cheese, culture milk salt, enzymes.


5.) Compagnia Sanremo Pasta Egg

Sanremo Italian Egg tagliatelle pasta is non-GMO, free-range Egg traditional tagliatelle- 10 0z (Pack of 1) – a product of Italy.

Compagnia Sanremo Pasta Egg

It is a great choice of the best grains, the slow grinding, the long drying, and a skilled handicraft guarantee a range of really biological products.

How It was produced

It was designed for those consumers who take care of their health and of the environmental defense, such a result can only be obtained using natural methods and techniques manufactured in Italy.




6.) I Fusilli di pisa – by Martelli Pasta.

Fusilli di pisa- martelli pasta Tuscany – 1.1lb

I Fusilli di pisa - by Martelli Pasta

What is i fusilli Di pisa

In a small town to leave the medieval Tuscany Pisa hills, Martelli was founded in 1926, it in since dried pasta, it has been highly appreciated by experts, and is the highest of quality.

To the best of semolina grind hard wheat flour and raw materials, that continue to protect still the preparation by the modern machine do not depend on the dry old fashioned traditional artisan will say that the secret of the production of Martelli.

Amid a lot of pasta manufacturers switched to modern facilities at the impact of 1950’s economic growth, Martelli brothers Dino and Mario have dared to choose the tradition and quality.

This small pasta they stayed in like 40’s now in also joined son of Lorenzo, semolina only added slowly carefully kneaded alignment water molded in bronze type, dried leave naturally about 50 hours, is bagged by their wife Lucia and Valeria you.

Most traditional pasta this way in Italy has continued to make by still Martelli brothers married couple now.


7.) Orecchiette – by Barilla

Barilla collezione pasta, orecchiete, 12 ounce

Orecchiette - by Barilla

Perfect for scooping hearty sauces and fresh vegetables, orecchiette has a unique domed shape, smooth on the inside and grooved on the outside, traditionally made by curling bits of pasta dough over one’s thumb.

Collezione orecchiette pasta is crafted by pressing the dough through Italian bronze plats to provide a rough porous texture that perfectly clings to sauces.

How to cook Orecchiette



  1. Bring 4-6 quart of water to a rolling boil, add salt to taste 2
  2. Add contents of the package to boiling water, stir gently
  3. For authentic ”all dente” pasta, boil for 12- 13 minutes stirring occasionally, for more tender pasta, boil an additional minute.
  4. Remove from heat and drain well
  5. Serve immediately with your favorite Barilla sauce.

Pasta is a wholesome, complex carb with a low glycemic index that helps keep you fit, along with fruits and vegetables, pasta and other grains are at the foundation of the Mediterranean diet, a formula for healthy day-to-day eating.

Barilla collection orecchiette is crafted in the traditional Italian way by pressing through bronze plates for a texture that perfectly holds sauces. elevated every day with collection orecchiette.


Semolina (Wheat) durum wheat flour, niacin, iron (ferrous lactate), thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid.


8.) Anatomico  Primitivo 

This is a premium organic products that stand out for their nutritional benefits while preserving the Italian culinary tradition.

Anatomico Primitivo wine orecchiette pasta features exquisite artisan wine mixed into a healthy, non-GMO grain.

Primitivo wine is known for its distinctive bitter taste and intense flavor.

It is rich in protein orecchiette pasta is richly flavored with Primitivo wine, giving it an exquisite tannic taste. Pair it with pasta sauce or vinaigrette for a burst of zest.

It also contains vitamins E and B5, folic acid, iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine, and selenium.


Organic senator cappelli durum wheat semolina, water, primitivo wine 30 percent


It is unique, Anatomico pasta is a full sensory experience, a perfect marriage of taste and touch. its consistency lends its self to be better flavor absorption for a tantalizing taste.

It is delicious, whether you are hosting a dinner party with friends or setting the mood for a romantic date, anatomic pasta is an appetizing entree that is sure to safety guest

It was produced in Italy, anatomical is an organic pasta that was crafted in Puglia, Italy. Puglia-rich soil yields the sustainable, savory vegetable and spices found in our pasta. For authentic Italian pasta, choose anatomico.

It tastes great, this orecchiette pasta is richly flavored with Primitivo wine, giving it an exquisite tannic taste. pair it with pasta cause or vinaigrette for a burst zest.

It is a healthy food, it was made from non-GMO grain that features flavonoids and antioxidants. it also contains vitamins E and B5, folic acid, iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine, and selenium.

9.) Le Veneziane

Le veneziane – Italian spaghetti , gluten free

This product made from 100 percent pre-cooked corn flour, is processed and packaged in a modern factory in vedelgo, Italy.

 Le Veneziane

It is characterized by the absence of gluten, high digestibility, low-fat content, and no dyes. the color is characteristic of B-carotene present in the raw material.

Important features

Product made in Italy

Made with 100 percent Italian corn

Highly digestible, low-fat content

1 Italian brand

Gluten-free, no dyes


10.) La Molisana

Antico Molino e pastificio 1912 in Campobasso la molisa

La molisana authentic italian pasta , 100 percent imported durum wheat semolina, grano decorticato a pietra , premium quality 1 1lbs each , partacce toscane, 12pk

La Molisana

La molisana durum wheat semolina pasta is made in a wide variety of shapes to please all palates.

The bronze dies extrusion process creates a rough and sturdy pasta and protein content of over 14 percent that stands up well to cooking and is easy to digest.

This traditional pasta cut of the Puglia region has been revived in the orecchiette rigate la Molina, which presents a full-bodied look as though it had just been handcrafted on grandmothers working table.

It has a shape that resembles a disk with a slightly thicker edge and a wrinkled texture perfect to captures the sauce. Try to make an authentic and delicious Italian-style lunch by pairing orecchiette with turnip greens.

Benefits of Eating La Molisana

It was produced with high quality, la molisana prides itself on the quality of pasta, the choice of chefs around the world, la molisana brings top of the line quality to your dinner table.

It is a multi-pack, they offer high-quality la molisana pasta products made from the freshest ingredients.

Enjoy the value of the multi-pack pasta at an ideal price for great quality.

It is one of the Italian pasta proven over the years, la molisana is proud to have been producing the finest pasta for over a century. From the pristine lands of Molise, La Molisana has cemented the brand as one of the best and time has proven it.

It made in Italy product with the highest quality grains used to produced this premium pasta product from the hills of Italy.

Made from the combination of crystal spring water, the pure mountain is, the finest wheat, and millers going back four-generation, la molisana is the best you can find.

It contains extra Lusso contents, with every pasta form, la molisana pastificio extra di Lusso provides chef-level quality, with a good amount of protein-packed in each offered, you will enjoy both flavor and nutrients packed into one of them.



There you have Italian pasta for you to select all these pasta to have all that you are looking for in pasta they are all produced with great quality.

Any questions

If you ever have any questions or there are any other kinds of pasta that have great qualities as those ones here please let us know, leave all your comments down below we will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.


Important Disclaimer :

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