Barbell Abdominal Side Bend

Barbell Abdominal Side Bend!

The barbel abdominal side bend is an exercise that train the obliques both the side of your abdominal. It is advise to perform this exercise tho after the end of your other abdominal exercise. More to this is that this particular exercise can be carried out by holding two dumbbells, you may need to be assisted or your personal trainer all along the workout.

How to train the side of the abdominal -the barbell abdominal side bend.

So, position yourself stand upright keep your head up high you will have to look straight up front. Grab the the barbell or your dumbbells, stand with your feet about your shoulder width apart and begin with light barbel

place a light barbell of 10KG or 25KG do not put too much weight on your shoulders make sure that you keep your knees almost extend throughout the entire exercise and make sure be straight din’t bend yourself forward or backward during performing of the exercise be focus and concentrate to make sure that you can fill your obliques.

while performing the barbell abdominal side bend don’t stay close to the wall leave at least one inch from the wall so that you are not going to hit the wall with the edge of the barbell. so, slowly bend to the right and still keep the real straight forward and inhale.

Make sure to move slowly it is the better. Be concentrated and be carefully bend down to the left until the right side of your abdominal is slightly stretched. Make sure that your body and your barbell stay in one layer as you bend from side to side.

You are going to be generating the strength that comes from the right side of your abdominal, don’t bend your knees and keep your hips still throughout. Then exhale as you move slowly back up bend down to the right side again till your left side is stretch.

Take care make sure you don’t twist your upper body and do not bend your knees don’t move your hips also. Inhale as you move back to the beginning position and exhale slowly make sure that you are concentrated. Repeat the process again prior to the your desire rep. The exercise should be perform correctly don’t create any difficulty or momentum this can jeopardize the good performance.

precaution and the safety measure to take when training your abdominal side -barbell abdominal side bend.

keep a correct position and be straight.

Stake to a good position, a good position is very important when caring out an exercise position yourself very well and your feet. Your shoulder should width apart don’t stay close to the wall leave at least one inch from the wall. Make sure that your body and your barbell stay in one layer as you bend to the left and right .

Stand up right look straight forward and keep your head up high. Don’t bend your knees or twist your upper body make sure your keep your knees almost extended throughout the entire exercise don’t bend yourself forward or backward. Remember to still keep real straight when you bend don’t move your hips.

Concentrate move slowly.

Don’t move too fast you have to be bending slowly and make sure that you fill the full stretch in your obliques begin with the light barbell of at 10 to 25kg don’t overweight yourself . It is advisable to be assisted by an assistant or your personal trainer.

Benefits in performing abdominal barbell side exercise .

It help train and strength the sides abdominal.

It is one of the best exercise to strengthen you oblique the barbell abdominal side bend helps to train the oblique sides of the your abdominal. It train the side abs more efficiently than any other exercises, it also help to lose more weight and some excess belly fat as to boost more mass to it.

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