Stiffleg Deadlift

Stiffleg Deadlift.

This is an exercise that can help train and also capable of saving from occurrence stiff-leg. Stiff leg dead-lift is a great leg exercise to build a stronger and better leg. It is also an important and a powerful exercise which is efficient to build glut muscle and the lower back muscles.

Stiff leg deadlift can be performed with either a barbell or using dumbbells all depend on your own preferences.

Some used to performed it with the barbells. It is also great with the dumbbell, if you decide to perform it with the dumbbell.

The grip for this exercise is, an overhand grip for one and underhand grip for the other, if you are using barbells and underhand grip, do the same-thing for the dumbbells,if you are using dumbbells.

Guides and how to do stiff-leg deadlift.

keep a better position and grab the dumbbell or the barbell with an overhand for one and underhand grip, for the other, your shoulder width and lift the weight to the standing position.

Your back should be straight straight throughout the exercise. And don’t hollow your back on this exercise.

Your knee should be straight don’t bend your leg.

Then, slowly lift the bar off the floor ensure that you are using your legs and not bending your knees.

To prevent your back from getting hurt,  put on your safety belt if you have one  and make sure that you do not round the bar because it might stress  your back muscles and ligaments , do not round the bar.

Whilst keeping your legs locked bend forward until your torso is parallel to the floor and your arms are hanging forward below you.   Lower the bar to the floor slowly, after you are completely straight.

It is important to be focus and concentrated when performing this exercise. You should concentrate fully throughout the performance and do not let the weight fall or stray off of your hands during the performance.

Slowly and carefully Straight up yourself and get back into your straight position again using your lower back.

Make sure that you keep your knees locked throughout the movement, in order to reduce the potential for the muscle train.

It is advised to always aim for at least one above it, and you will be surprised by how thinking to go usually helps to get more easier.

It important to keep a straight form throughout the exercise. Repeat the process again to your desire repetitions.

Don’t overweight yourself, load the weight that your power can control to prevent yourself from getting injured.

You may need to be observed by an expert or a personal trainer through the exercise.

Safety steps to take during the exercise!

position yourself very well and make an overhand and underhand grips. The grip for this performance over and underhand grip, use an underhand grip for one and overhand for other if you are using dumbbell and do the same-thing for the bar.

Make sure that you grab the weight tight and do not let it stray or fall off of your hand.

Be focus and concentrate you should in control throughout the exercise. Make sure that you do not round the bar because it can stress on your back muscles.

keep your back straight throughout the exercise. Don’t hollow or bend your back during the performance and make sure to keep your knees locked throughout the movement.

Lower the bar to the floor slowly. To protect your back from getting hurt,you may need to put on your weight belt and do not overweight.

Make sure that you are using your legs and not bending your knees and do not create any momentum or difficulties to yourself that can jeopardised the good performance of the exercise.

Benefits in performing stiff-leg dead-lift!

It help train and prevent stiff leg . Stiff-leg dead-lift leg exercise prevent your leg from stiffness if you are having a stiff in your legs stiff-leg dead-lift It improves and strengthen your hips.

And also improves your core strength and boost more strength to your joint. dead-lift is also important in building hamstring.

It is one of the best leg exercise that help to train your hamstring thus give you more boost hamstring muscle.

It also strengthen your hamstring,straighten your legs and Shape up your lower body.

It helps to train lower back muscle, stiff-leg dead-lift helps in training the lower body.

It is one of the great exercise that help train the glut muscles, and also helps train quadriceps.


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