Barbell Lunge

Barbell Lunge – Quadricep Glut Exercise!

This is one the best exercise to train and strengthen your quadruplets and the glutei. It is actually best performed by training only one leg at a time or in in better still the left and right leg at the same time. It is one of greatest leg exercise that helps to build leg and strengthen the leg muscle. It is one of the best glut and leg exercise though you may need to be supervised by an expert or personal trainer for this exercise.

Be focus and concentrate throughout the exercise for this must be performed correctly in a way it suppose to be performed.

Best way to do the barbell lunge.

How you position yourself is very important in this exercise. Position yourself well in a way that you don’t want to lose the Control of your body stand in an upright position with your upper body and your legs straight while carrying the barbell and place it on your rear deltoide.

Your back should be straight throughout the exercise don’t look down throughout the exercise you should be looking straight forward, you will also wanted to look into the mirror to see for yourself if you are straight enough.

so, slowly step forward with one leg and don’t let your foot be lifted too far from the floor. Lower your hips until the knee of your back leg touches the floor and inhale at the sometime. Your knee should be nearly touches the floor Your back must be straight always.

Your front leg is one that is going to carries the most of the weight and make sure that you do not rest too much on knee to the floor, it is advised to place a foam, mat or something like that to protect your knee from the floor then, Stand back up slowly and close your legs don’t lean forward or backward as you stand up and exhale as you step forward again. Do not create any momentum or difficulty to yourself. repeat the process to your desire repetitions.

Prevention and safety measures to take when performing barbell lunge.

Your position is very important position yourself well and You will have to be focus and concentrate yourself well throughout the performance. Do not lean forward or backward as you stand or some sort of shaking, your front leg should be the one carrying most weight.

Your leg must be closed as you stand lower your hips until your knee nearly touches the floor or slightly touches the floor in other to prevented yourself from injuries put something soft on the floor to protect your knees from the floor.

Health benefits in performing the barbell lunge.

It help train the lower part of the body and glutei. It is one of the best exercise that help to train quadriceps muscle it also train your glut.

The barbell lunges is an exercise that helps in straighten your legs shape up the lower body and improves the core by strengthening. It also improves and straighten your hips it is good for straighten your joint.


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