How To Correctly Perform Standing Shrugs.

Train and extend the size of your back, neck and shoulders with standing shrugs back exercise.

Standing shrug is also known as compound movement it is a great exercise that help to train the neck and traps muscles. It can be performed using barbell or dumbbells it can also be performed with the shrug machine.

I will be taking you on this post through the process and how to use this exercise to train and build a strong back at ease.

The Standing shrugs is one of the efficient back exercise to train and build strong back, it is great exercise to train your upper back and partially also give more strength at the lower part of the body.

Standing shrugs can be perform using the barbell standding forward from keeping your back straight and withouth bending your knees. It is an excellent exercise for the back, neck and trapezius muscle.

How to perform standing shrugs using the dumbbells!

Position yourself in correct position and stand straight with your feet planted firmly with your shoulder width apart.

Then grab the dumbbells with your hands at the shoulder-width apart. Your knees slightly bent.

Keep the bar held at straight arms length with a slight bent in your arms without hollow your back.

standing shrugs
standing shrugs

Then, slowly raise your shoulders upwards as high as you can toward your ears, rotate them backwards and down carefully, don’t overweight yourself so that yoo would be able to controled well when performing.

The up motion should be slightly slower than the lower motion.

Be concentrate focus and control the weight it must not fall off of your hands. Then, repeat the process again to your desired reps.

Precautions steps to take when performing standing shrugs.

Positioned yourself verywell and do not hollow your back.

Keep your back straight.

Do not hollow your back when performing the exercise.

Use an overhand grip.

Slowly lower and lift slowly.

The weight must not fall off or stray away from your hands.

Concentrated and be focus.

Benefits in performing standing shrug.

Standing shrug using is an exercise that help to train the neck muscles.

It help to train and gives you strong back.

It is one of the great exercise that build your back.

It help to strengthen and build upper back.

It help to partially train lower back so more strength.

It help to build a good back shape.

It help for more strength muscle.

It help to train your traps muscles.

It is good for trapezius isolations.


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