Home Fitness Equipment [Treadmills] By NordicTrack And Marnur-Are They The Best?

One thing that makes me love home fitness equipment is that they are very essential, you could jump to them at any time and start keeping your body fit.

You could get many exercises done without going to the gym, you will save more money on gym and you also save more time.

However, when it comes to finding the best treadmill for home fitness, finding the perfect one seams difficult but, the Treadmills by Nordictrack and Marnur, are they the best?

Are they the perfect home treadmills for jogging, running, cardiac and most of the aerobic exercise at home?

Can one rely on them, can they work?

and if they do work, can they last longer? are they save to use?.

This review will help to know about these questions, by the time you read to the body bottom you will find out.

And please if you have more question concerning this topic please feel free to leave them at the bottom, I will be happy to get back to all of them.

Nordicktrack treadmill

Nordicktrack T series treadmills model 6.5s 6.5i, 7.5s, 8.5s and 9.5s a stream with high technology energy studio sessions high class and most advanced personal

image of a woman running on treadmill
image of a woman running on treadmill

trainers. You can control it set it in a decline,or incline and the speed is controllable even in the real time.

what Nordicktrack Treadmill is all about

This is an advanced and sophisticated series ever produced the NordicTrack T series treadmill has been designed by high engineer in the industry with perfect innovative experience.

image of a man running on treadmill
image of a man running on treadmill

It will gives you most interact and personal training experience, you get a lasting and a continuous horsepower to go beyond the traditional workout.

Starts, watch your heart rate, control the elevation, and the intensity, you will know about your result and watch what you have worked-out on the LCD screen realtime.

image of nordictrack treadmill
image of nordictrack treadmill

It was designed to help you move and with the consequence tone and perfect your body.

You can more and even take part in high powered cross-training workouts, be it incline or decline, you can adjust your speed digitally to suit your best workout plan and goals.

It has an interactive technology with the world-class training digital control and infinity training options.

It has a build-in powerful 2.6 durx commercial plus powerful motor that will moves you through all the workout process, it is strong reliable and it will last-longer

image of nordictrack treadmill overview
image of nordictrack treadmill overview

what can you do with Nordicktrack treadmill

Here is what you could do with this great treadmill

You can get down on and start with the full body sculpting

You could do cross training including yoga,

Do the global workout and so much more

Do studio sessions workout real perfect, the join trainer-led exercises on your device where the instructor that takes you trough automatically though, you can adjust your

image of nordictrack treadmill
image of nordictrack treadmill

speed and the position either decline or incline, you will workout your body easily with the NordicTrack treadmill.

Cushioning in the other hand will allows you to engage so that it softens the impact on your joints, it will simulate a real road running experience with a single turn as if you are running outdoor.

what are the dimension of Nordicktrack treadmill

It has the dimensions of 73″ L x 36″ W x 54″ H and the user weight capacity of 300 pounds when it “unfolded “

while when “folded” it has item dimensions of 38″ L x 36″ W x 65.5″ H. 22″ x 55″ tred belt

Nordicktrack Treadmill Speccification


5 inch backliight display

ifit coach ready

Auxiliary music port

Dual 2 digitally amplified speakers


0-10% live incline control

0-10 MPH live speed control

2.6 durX commercial motor

EKG grip pulse w/ ifit tracking capacities

300 LB user capacity



Design with easy lift assist

10 year frame warranty

2 year parts warranty

1 year labor warranty

73.5 L X 36 W X 54 H


Flexselect cushioning

20 x 55 commercial treat belt

what are the advantage in using Nordicktrack treadmill

It has a reliable fast response motor that will guarantee you an effective speed interval and stability during workout.

image of nordictrack treadmill
image of nordictrack treadmill

The innovative space-saver design with the easy lift that will helps you for a perfect,and easy storage.

image of nordictrack treadmill
image of nordictrack treadmill

It has great engineering and high level of technology with 2.6 CHP motor, 1-10 MPH speed,10 inch incline , dual cardio grip heart rate monitor, one touch control 1.9 roller

Build in music port and the dual 2 inch speaker will supply you with pleasant atmosphere of music

It is very easy and convenience to use with unlimited workout programs and experiences to keep your body fit.

You also get month ifit membership when you purchase the nordictrack T series treadmill.

Marnur Treadmill

Marnur treadmill electric folding treadmills for home it include portable motorized running machine heavy duty exercise with 15 preset programs, pad, phone and cup holder is also included

Marnur Treadmill
Marnur Treadmill

what marnur treadmill is all about

Strong and powerful treadmill one of it kind heavy-duty build up with prime steels and sturdy frame.

with it 220 lbs capacity, it is capable enough for anybody to use, it will hold your weight and gives you a perfect running experience, during your performance.

You can still track your heart bit rate with the LCD monitor that will help you in monitoring your heart rate plus, you can view other fitness data on the long run without any hassle.

Marnur Treadmill OVERVIEW
Marnur Treadmill OVERVIEW

what can your view on the LCD screen during the running process?

Large digital display there you can view many thing with it simple design LCD that shows you things like :

Distance that you have run

The speed ,

Calories that you have burned

Marnur Treadmill OVERVIEW
Marnur Treadmill OVERVIEW


and you hearth rate, it is very easy to use, easy to operate.

You can stop the treadmill in case of any emergency, what you will have to do is to pull down on the end then the treadmill stops instantly.

While you performing on it, the one end of the safety lock is on the treadmill machine and the other one is clamped on the body.

what can you do with Marnur Treadmil

Marnur treadmill has 3 manual incline that will helps you do some different type of exercise, it will give you the real outdoor running experience when it is adjust to the level 3.

Marnur Treadmill
Marnur Treadmill

The level 1 will gives a highway mode experience suitable for slow walking, brick walking,and jogging the treadmill is flat and in slop-like position.

The level 2 gives you outdoor climbing experience, you can do fast walking, jogging or the term running, the treadmill machine has mini slope when is in level 2 .

Level 3 gives you a hiking mode experience, you could do fast walking, flop running, jogging and cardio that will help you to burn excess calories, fat and lose more weight, the treadmill machine is sloped.

Marnur Treadmil Specification

Here is the specification for Marnur Treadmill

Marnur Treadmill
Marnur Treadmill

The dimensions is 51.2″ 27.4″ 45.1 inches

The size of the treadmill belt is 16.5 42.5 inches

The weight capacity is 220 lbs maximum

The output power is 110V

what about manufacturer

Marnur is manufactured by marnur treadmill and they had committed to making urban people to have a healthy and safe home fitness routine.

Marnur electric treadmill provides the most efficient running and walking experience at home for the city people while avoiding knee and muscle injuries.

With the stability safety belt the Marnur treadmill is was designed with safety features to prevent the machine from sliding during workout exercise, no more fear! get running with confidence for Marnur treadmill will never let you down.

what are the safety features that marnur treadmill have?

Large and comfortable running belt of about 17 43 inches running belt that will enable you to run perfectly, the diamond partners of the belt were designed to be slick proof and help increasing friction.

Marnur Treadmill
Marnur Treadmill

The safety deck of the treadmill machine on both sides uses anti-slip edges, so you are not going to injured using when Marnur treadmill for it is saved.

It was build up with double deck running platform that is going to help you protect your knees when running,while, the upper level consists of a rebound rubber belt, which performs as shock absorption.

The lower level consists of silica gel that works as a cushion to filter out that vibration.

How was the it motor look like ?

Powerful and most efficient 2.5ph motor that provides you smooth and lower noise while running on it, it has a top speed of about 8.5 mph, with the noise decibel lower than 60db

what consist in the package?

You get 1 x treadmill exercise machine plus the accessories and tools

1 x user manual that will show you how to assemble it within 15 mins

what are the advantages of marnur treadmill

It is very save to use with the comfortable safety belts on both site plus the non slip diamond patterned running belt will protect your knees and your ankles.

Marnur Treadmill
Marnur Treadmill

It very easy to programmed , it is programmable, with it great design with 15 preset training modes you can program it to your suitable mode that is good and there you go.

It has adjustable slop angles and it is easy to switch from one base line to another.

You can perform many different kind of exercise on it which include walking, jogging, running, slow running, fast jogging and so much more aerobic exercise at home.

It was built up with the heavy-duty frame and that was constructed with a premium stainless steel, so this treadmill is durable! plus it can endure more weight, it can bear up to 220lb of heavy load, isn’t that great!?

It has a powerful motor inside with 2.5HP power motor and still, the noise is low .. yes, it has a noise reduction system that will reduce the noise to up 8.5 mph while running with the full speed you, get noise reduction of about 60 db.

It will guarantee you with smooth running and with low noise experience.

It is very easy to store and you have more space it has a hydraulic lever that allows you to fold it up.

Marnur Treadmill
Marnur Treadmill

It also has transport wheels with that you could move it from one place to another without any difficulty.

It has cup holder so that you wouldn’t lack of water when training, the pad holder and mobile phone holder will helps you to get in touch with you gadget when running. It is easy to use build in LCD will help you to take control of your heart rate, you can monitor your speed, your calories burned , the distance all time in real time.

You can control the speed and the start or stop running through armrest it is convenient and efficient

My conclusion

Home fitness equipment treadmills by NordicTrack and Marnur-are they the best?.. well, keeping your body fit at the comfort zone of you home, run, walk, jog, and burn

excess more calories and fat from your body has never been so easy and after my observation carried out on these two treadmills from Nordictrack And Marnur

respectively, I have concluded that they are one the best treadmill to have at home.

Your thought

What did you guys think about these products? did you guys think that they what their money?

I will like to hear from you all and if you ever have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic or maybe you have got more great treadmills that are

perfect for home fitness, feel free to let us know about them, please leave your comment and question down below and I will more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.


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