Health Benefits Of Organic Milk To Human And Livestock.


On this topic, I am going to be walking you through the Health Benefits Of Organic Milk To Human And Livestock.  if you have any questions concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section. 

 Not everybody knows the important benefits of taking organic milk and also how it’s different from the confessional produced milk. Many may even argue it the health benefits of organic milk to human and livestock is huge,  but before any further ado let me break this down here.  I believe that by the end of this post you are going to decide on whether it’s of benefit or rather than not to consume organic milk. 

Organic Milk
Organic Milk

What Is Organic?

“Organic milk is a product, milk that is produced from the livestock, and more to this is that the milk has to come from the livestock that was raised according to the rules of the organic farming methods of a dominion”.

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What that is actually referring to in the sense is that cows must be bred correctly, in a healthy manner, and in accordance with their own natural cycle.  It also indulges, not to injecting an animal with drugs or in another way round trying to simulate the normal and natural process.

Why Organic Milk Is Different From Conventional Milk.

  • Livestock organic produce milk must come from cows that are not treated with antibiotics.
  • Livestock organic produce milk must come from cows that are pasteurized. They must have received at least 30% of their pasture from up to 120 days out of the year.
  • Livestock organic produce milk must come from cows that had not been given reproduction and or any hormones growth also known as (“HG”) 
  • Livestock organic products milk must come from cows that were respected and treated humanely.
  • Cows must be bred correctly in a good healthy manner and in accordance with their own natural cycle.

What It Really Takes For Organic milk To Be Organic?

If we really wanted to look at it down the bottom for sure it is true that for organic milk to really be organic it has to follow all the rules that follow.

For example in some parts of the globe, as it was regulated by the food authority, organic milk has to be Bio and Eco.

Other General Regulations that Stipulate Organic Milk That Includes:

  • Livestock must be fed organically.
  • Livestock must not be treated badly or with drugs.
  • Livestock must be allowed to graze.
  • Livestock must be treated humanely.
  • Livestock must be fed with certified organic fodder.
  • Livestock fed may base compound feed.

Health Benefits Of Organic Milk To Livestock.

Since the rigorous practice of the ethical rules and regulation that follows, the practices are very strict that make organic farm owners be more discipline and acquire more awareness about the diseases feeding, housing and the good management of the livestock into serious consideration. Good and correct animal welfare, livestock, cows on organic farms now live healthier, happier, and lives more alive more than those that are within the mass productive farms.

With overcrowded livestock’s are subjected to diseases, malnutrition, and in the end death. So, with the rules that apply to being organic it really of benefit and help for the livestock.

Health Benefits Of Organic Milk To Humans.

  • Antibiotics-free From Harmful Agents.

Organic milk is produced without antibiotics and 90 percent of all normal organic farms do not use pesticides which very of the great beneficiary of a human’s health.

  • It Is Rich In High Omega 3 Content.

Organic milk has more vitamins E and beta-carotene which are beneficial for a healthy immune system, research from the Liverpool university argue that semi-skimmed and whole organic milk contains 68 percent higher level of omega 3 fatty acids which very important for humans health.

  • It Helps To Reduce Eczema.

Up to 36 percent of eczema in humans reduced when consuming organic milk. A research carried out by the British journal of nutrition showed that the rates of eczema in children were said to be reduced drastically when taken organic milk.

  • It Is Produced Without Pesticides.

Pesticides are very common within the non-organic and conventional milk WAY?….is that due to how they fed the livestock in the non-organic farms. Organic milk is of no pesticides products milk they have no and or very low exposure to the pesticides.

  • Organic milk lasts longer.

Organic milk is put through a process called an ultra-high temperature which is also known as “UHT” because of the distance in the distribution time with this, which kills the bacteria and will also slightly change the taste of the milk, sweeten it. It’s said to last for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Organic Breed + Animal Welfare = ECO

Organic prosecution is an animal welfare process that Leads to the Eco this above formula shows that livestock lives healthier and longer in an organic farm with the practice of the ethical rules and regulations which leads to being Eco Friendly.

organic-farm-Health Benefits Of Organic Milk To Human And Livestock.


what Is An ECO?

It is an abbreviation for ecology and the system of relationships between living things and the environment, according to the ISO International Organisation for Standardisation, but if the term ” ECO-friendly” is added to services or products it means that it’s not harmful or effects on living things.

Challenges And Obstacles Regarding Farming And Possible Safety And Health Benefits From Consuming Organic Milk.

  • It is very expensive to operate.
  • According to the 2012 meta-analysis of the scientific literature, there are no significant differences in the vitamin content of organic and that of conventional, plants and order animals.
  • Lack of clinical studies.
  • Conflicting and differences in studies about the nutrient contents between organic milk and conventional milk the available in studies.
  • The treatment like ULTRA-HEAT TREATMENT used after the initial gathering may change the chemical composition.
  • 2012 met-analysis concluded that the evidence for the superiority of organic milk doesn’t suggest any health benefits from consuming organic or conventional milk.
  • The chemical composition may change due to the transport conditions.
  • Difficulties in measuring the chemical differences between organic milk and non-organic milk thereby it is difficult to actually know the health benefits.
  • It leads to less milk per cow in organic farm produce.

Conclusion Of The Health Benefits Of Organic Milk To Human And Livestock.

With the general law in place to guide and make sure that livestock farmers are in regular with them in the production of organic milk. It is illegal to (byproduct),  animals slaughter or treated them with drugs, it also illegal to denied them the necessary drugs to prevent them from the sickness just to maintain livestock from organic-state. So, to come to a conclusion of it. 

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