Hammer Curls – How Do We Do It Correctly.

Hello everyone, and welcome,  on this topic i am going to be showing you, how hammer curl can be perform correctly.

Hammer curl is an effective exercise that will do good to our upper body, and we can use it  to train the muscles at the front of our arms, if only we know how to do it correctly.

On this topic you are about to know how you can target and  train your biceps more efficiently, and you also going to know the benefit of this exercise to your health, and other part of the body that you can train with it.

Within a minute i will show all the steps by step process and even the precautions  and safety measures to follow before and during the exercise.

The walk through process that is necessary for a correct hammer curl performance that will of benefit to your health.

But before any further ado, let get to know what this exercise is all about the equipment that is needed and how we can target and train our upper body in a perfect way.

 Hammer curl, what is all about?

This is question someone may ask,  however, hammer curs is a great biceps exercise, it helps to train the front muscle of our upper arms, and it can be

done in so many ways, we can use many more equipment for it, but on this topic i am going to show you how you can perform this exercise using

dumbbells, holding it with your both hands and curling it  up at the same time or curling up one arm  at a time.

Hammer curl overview

Exercise: Strength

Equipment needed: Dumbbell

Target section: Biceps muscles

Hammer curl muscle works

It is one of the biceps exercise that train and boost more muscles to  our arms  , whenever we do hammer, it means that we aiming at target and train the top of our biceps with a real effect and full contraction to make sure that our arms stays more stronger.

As it name may entails, what it to be called hammer curl is that, when you are performing  it  with the dumbbells is like furniture or a carpenter haring a nail.

However what makes me really fall in love with this exercise is that it only work the from part of arms but, also the brachialis a brachioradialis  all at the same time.

Hammer curl correctly performance step by step

To get started with the performance, find a good position for yourself and position your very well.


However, grab dumbbells with an underhand grip, stand upright and hold the dumbbells,  make sure that your elbows is closer to yourself near your waist, and keep it like that throughout the performance.


Extend your arms fully,  still holding the dumbbells tight, curl up the dumbbells until the weight almost touch your shoulders make sure that your biceps are fully contracted.

Hammer Curl
Hammer Curl

Quick And Important Note Here

Do not hollow your back  throughout the exercise.

keep your elbows closer at your waist.

It is advise to shift your chest slightly forward a centimetre as you curl up the dumbbells.

Remain in a upright position and look straight.

Keep your abdominal contracted

Make sure that you extend your arms fully to fully contract

Use an underhand grip for the good performance

Don’t overweight yourself.

If you prefer you can do it, training one arm at a time

Do not grab too much weight, grab the weight that your power can be able to control.

You might need to be observed by an expert or your personal trainer to make sure you are really doing it right.


So, curl the dumbbells up and press your shoulders down don’t elevate your shoulders, squeeze your  biceps and press the dumbbells against your shoulders for a seconds or 2, the reasons for this is that you will fill the effect

and the intensity in your biceps, then return back to the beginning, you can then repeat the process again so to prior your reps, that you are up to.

Follow This Safety Measures Whenever You Want To Do Hammer curl.

Don’t let the weight stray of or fallout from your hands hold on to it tight and do not twist your hands when curling the weight up.

Stand still don’t lean back and forth you have to remain firm throughout the performance.

Don’t rush yourself  on this exercise, move slowly and be painstaking. Make sure that you fill the effect and  intensity on your biceps, if you don’t, well that means you are not doing it right.

Make sure that when you curl,  the down motion should be slightly slower than up moves.

You should be the one that will control the weight,  don’t let the weight control you, do not create momentum, or any difficulties to yourself that will ostacolate your correct performance.

Make sure that you back is straight, keep your elbows closer to waist, extend your arms fully.

Health Benefits In Doing Hammer Curl Correctly

If can be able to perform this exercise correctly the health to the body is huge.

Hammer curl can help us to boost more strength to arm making it more stronger and healthier.

It help train biceps more effectively, which leads in development of more size to the bicep.

If is correctly performed we can target and train, not only the biceps but also the brachialis and brachioradialis, and  build more  mass muscles.

We can deal with any wrist  pain or stress in our arms with this exercise.

Hammer curl allows us to train with more weight but, we don’t have to exaggerate on it.


Follow these steps here and  you get yourself to a perfect hammer curl performance, it is one of the best bicep exercise that you can do, to get a strong arm and healthy.

Your thought

Did you have any questions or comments? if you have anything you want to say concerning this topic or you’ve get other way to perform this exercise

correctly and you like to let us know about please leave all your question and comment down below i will be very happy to hear from you all, thanks.



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