GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench Review

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GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench

The Gymax multi exercise workout bench, foldable great for sit-up abdominal back extension strength training roman chair preacher curl with adjustable height and angle perfect for the whole-body exercise.

GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench
GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench

Product Details And Overview

Brand nameGymax
Product typeMulti exercise bench
UsersMen and women
Materials usedIron, foam
Item weight36 pounds
User weight capacity350 lbs
Item dimensionsUnfold 51″/ 20/ 39, Folded 55/ 20
Global ratings4.0 out of 5 stars of 82
Bestsellers rank121,161 in sport and outdoors, and 162 in strength training adjustable benches

GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench Review

The GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench is purposely built for your total comfort while keeping your body fit. Sturdy design foldable adjustable to your various workout position and easy to keep. Target and train various muscle groups. Built with high quality, if you are looking for home gym weight bench that will last longer and yet not breaking the bank for it this bench will do the job.

Multi Workout Weight Bench

You can target and train various part of your body with this bench performing different kinds of exercise adjusting the hight of the bench.

Exercise like sit-up: for your ab and core muscle, back extensions:  train and strength you back, preacher curl: train and boost more strength your arm, hyperextension side bend: train, tone, and transform your side obliques, chest press: train and strength your chest and many great exercises you can do.

Durable iron, heavy-duty for more user weight capacity plus succulent cushion inside the pure leather pad to guarantee a secure and total convenience during the performance.

Easy To Use

The elbow cushion on this bench is a multi-gear selection system so there are more possibilities to just the height upward or downward position to target and training various part of your body performing different exercises easy and comfortable to position however you can just the elbow pad to 3 angles positions to train and strength your body.

3 adjusted elbow pad angle target you back, side ab muscles and core, while the backrest can be adjusted to 4 different workout position, so you can perform varieties of exercise to target you chest back shoulders etc. 

Built To Last Longer

With the weight user capacity level of over 350 lbs, heavy-duty iron frame, anti-skid, sweat-proof pure leather and soft cushion. This bench will serve you for years without any issues.

GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench
GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench

It’s safe and secure, for example, the anti foot sleeve at the bottom of the bench can prevent it from moving around or wobbling so you are secure and protected from injury. It comes with a cool structure level perfectly on the floor and good stability during the performance.

Perfect Dimensions

This bench is about  51″/ 20/ 39 when it unfolds and  55/ 20, when folded,  the bench weight is about 36 pounds. Easy to manoeuvre from one place to another and even can be store under your bed when folded. Great bench for beginners, immediate or an expert. Foldable great for sit-up abdominal back extension strength training roman chair preacher curl with adjustable height and angle perfect for whole-body exercise.

Check out this video below for it shows you GYMAX Multi Exercise Weight Bench

Pros And Cons


  • Foldable and can be store so have more space in your room.
  • Save more money on other fitness equipment and gym.
  • 100%  good customer service anytime you can get in touch with them if you have an issue with the product.
  • 100% full refund guarantee in case you are not satisfied with what you buy.


  • The knob to adjust the seat required a twist so it might be annoying,  it’s perfect for the home gym. 

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Buyers reviews

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Stefan Zhelev

Amazing for home workout, with the covid-19 and the social distancing and the crowded gym I start to do my workout at home and I was looking for a set like this. amazing product for almost no money, like 2 month of gym fee lol.

I was looking for something not too big so can fit in my small apartment but still, I wanted a different variety of exercise. you can make so many different exercise and  I only have a couple of dumbells to combine it with. But still, u have enough to do good 1 hr and a half workout at home.

I’ve been using it in almost a month now and I am quite happy. Super easy to assemble, everything is explained step by step with numbers and pictures. it didn’t take me my then 30-40 min and I was really taking my time.

Doesn’t really take too much space as well cuz u can fold it and put it in the storage room and wardrobe. It is super stable and not slippery at all, quality product! I am 6’1 and everything fits good plus u have multiple ways to adjust it. overall great quality product for good home workout and really low price, I recommend it.

The of elf 

Great quality and value, I got weight bench for the home gym we are making in our basement. We use this specifically for the upper body, ab and core work. We also use it with hand weight and curl. We have another bench inside the rack that we use for the heavyweight. It arrived almost completely assembled and took us less than 10 minutes to complete the assemble.

It came out of the box with no funky smell. I’m very happy with the quality of the bench. It is solid with a sturdy frame and good stability. there are anti-skid caps on the feet that keep it from moving around on the concrete. The bench and elbow pad are both adjustable, well-cushioned and comfortable while using.

There are 4 different adjustments that you can make to the bench to change the angle for different exercises. like that the elbow pad is adjustable to a height that fit my 6’1 son with super long arms.

We tried 2 other benches just like this, but they weren’t adjustable to the point that made him comfortable. The elbow pad can also be adjustable in multiple positions for various exercises. Even though we never put it away, the bench does easily fold flat for storage. the bench isn’t extremely heavy so it is fairly easy to move around. For a bench of this quality and price, I’d highly recommend it.


A  great addition to the home gym, it is very sturdy. Definitely great for working out! I like the weight bench but I got it for the sit-up part which definitely was everything I needed.

Assembly was a bit more complex than I expected. They were explained okay but was so condensed each page had multiple parts and was covered in numbers. wasn’t super bad just seemed so cluttered but guess it saves on the pager. I do wish it would have come with workout recommendations. other than definitely a great buy. I look forward to using it more.


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