Gym Station Multifunction Fitness Machine At Best Price

With the 125-pound vinyl weight, the sporzon home gym station heavy-duty and about 330 lbs users’ weight resistance is built to last longer with premium quality material, including the detachable accessories to train various types of muscle groups on your body.

On this topic, I do information and thorough review of what this gym station is all about.

Sporzon home gym station

The sporzon home gym system you need to work out at home station with 330LB of resistance and 125LB weight stack

Product overview

Here are some of the special features that come with the sporzon home station :

  • Brand name: Sporzon
  • Manufacturer: Sporzon
  • Product included: home gym
  • Suggested users: for both men and women old and young
  • The material used: Steel
  • Color: gray
  • Model: spZ80
  • Warranty Description: 2 years warranty
  • Package Weight: 50 pounds
  • Item dimension L x W x H : 40 x 16 x 6 inches


other features include :

  • 330-pound maximum resistance
  • 125-pound weight stack
  • Heavy-duty pulley system
  • Easy assembly
Gym Station Multifunction Fitness Machine At Best Price-Sporzon! Home Gym System Stazione di allenamento con 149,7 kg di resistenza, 56,7 kg di peso, grigio
Sporzon! Home Gym System Stazione di allenamento con 149,7 kg di resistenza, 56,7 kg di peso, grigio -Gym Station Multifunction Fitness Machine At Best Price

sporzon home gym station product review 

How was it made? 

The sporzon home gym station was made strong with a well sturdy design produced with an advanced and high-quality material to resist more users weight to about 400 pounds it was a heavy-duty design with a maximum total weight of 1,000 pounds.


The material used also includes steel,  nylon coated aircraft quality cable were tested 1000 pound cables that are capable of resisting more pound capacity. 

what about the pulley? 

The pulley unit has a high and lower pulley system that is about 12 pulleys in overall built to ensure a free fluid execution within every movement.

Boost strength and muscle in the various part of muscle groups including your arm, bark, core, chest, and shoulders at ease. 

what more accessories come with it 

Here are more great accessories that come with this gym station, for example, the lat pull is with wide grip Olympic lat pulldown attachment and also comes with both lat bar and low row bar with foam handles for easy grip and multiple muscle training purposes.

However, the bar is detachable and can be replaced with other lat machine accessories so there is no need to worry about buying more training equipment you can train more of your various muscle groups on your body.

How strong is the gym station

The sporzon home gym station is formidable anytime in terms of resistance and infarct it was built with a 125-pound vinyl weight with a dimension of about 80. 5″ Hx 48″ L x 30″ W and the product weighs about 216 pounds.

The home gym station is capable to resist over 400 pounds of users’ weight so you get the best gym equipment at home to keep your body fit whenever you want, lean muscle, and tone your body you also get 4 roll leg developers to it. 

 what are the advantages of using it? 

The 2-year warranty that comes with is a huge benefit that you take and advantage of. 

Good customer reviews are very important in any product in the market for more sales. 

Comes with detachable accessories that can be replaced with others for more workouts.

Resistance is another advantage of this product for it was built to last longer without any hassle. 

Great customer service and a money-back guarantee so in case you are not satisfied with the product or maybe you have any issue you contact them.

Sporzon! Home Gym System Stazione di allenamento con 149,7 kg di resistenza, 56,7 kg di peso, grigio
Sporzon! Home Gym System Stazione di allenamento con 149,7 kg di resistenza, 56,7 kg di peso, grigio

My opinion

After my observations on this item and judging by the buyer’s experience and reviews saying about the product I would say this is value for money.

is it what buying 

Yes, I would say it is worth I will recommend this if you are looking for a great home gym to keep fit at home. 

check out what buyers are saying here :

Buyers reviews 

Home gym review

by- Tammy Brown 

“although the home arrived 2 weeks late we did receive it, the company emailed us within 2 days to update us on the arrival when the arrival date came and went my husband and boys were able to assemble it in a minimal amount of time,

the gym suits our family needs and seems to be of good quality, so far we are happy with the product and the communication from the company “


by- Hot on the beach 

“I finally got it the price of this kind is great during the Covid-19 pandemic, many websites had this type of unit for sale around $299 to covid it took me a month to get the gym I had ordered, I finally received my second gym.

the first one was UPS d all over the country, from CA to OH to TX to NC back to OH. what arrived was a box with half of the weights, but no gym. the second gym actually came in three boxes. two of the boxes were the weights. the third box strapped and taped everywhere was huge and contained everything else.

it had so many punctures and tears that I feared many parts might have dropped out on the way. assembling it was straightforward.

the manual/ directions were very precise and accurate. I was amazed that I got it assembly without missing pieces. I did have to make a few modifications, however.

the gym is lightweight and not that sturdy on a concrete floor. in the seated position, my arms are too low for the pec apparatus.

I will have to do some seat modification and then I figure out how some of the weight set attachments actually work. this is one area they address and the youtube video showed I’m getting it to work for me so far. “


by – josh

” The product arrived in 3 separate packages. all in all, it required a couple of times to put it together. in the end, I had to add a few clips to the last cable to make it reach but it is not a bad machine for its price point. my need and secured down held down with some extra weight.”  


On this topic, I have shown you great gym station multifunction fitness machine and where you can buy them at the best price  if you have any question comments or anything concerning this topic

please feel free to leave all your questions and comment down below I will be more than happy to get back to them thanks

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