Gift Ideas For Kids To Fit At Home And Enthusiasts Boys And Girls

Let kids have fun with the easy to use fitness items, toys and get them enthusiasts the right gift  suitable for  them to  play and have fun with while increasing their strength, speed up their coordination, and most importantly making them healthier.

On this topic I will be helping with  thorough review about 2 great items that are perfect gift for your kids and where you can get them from at a lower price, please if you have any question upon this topic please feel free to leave them down the bottom I will get back to all of them. 



Lephee inflatable punching bag

The Lephee inflatable punching bag is for kids, free standing boxing toy for children, Air bop bag for boy and girls exercise and stress relief.

inflatable punching bag
inflatable punching bag

Lephee inflatable punching bag product overview 

The Lephee inflatable punching bag is another great fitness item for kids to play around and have fun with here is the overview : 

Brand name : Lephee

Manufacturer : Lephee

Item package dimension L W H : 10.63 x 8.27 x 2.36 inches 

Package weight : 0.54 kilograms 

Date first available : July 14, 2020

Item type : kids punching bag 

Materials use : PVC 

Color : sky blue 

Product height : 120cm / 47 inch 

Lephee inflatable punching bag product review

The Lepheee kid punch bag is about 47 inches high perfect for  fun and keep fit all together , it was made to last longer  strong enough to absorb any hard punches and kicks from kids whereby it helps in improving kids speed, strength, good coordination, flexibility, and physical fitness.  “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

is Lephee inflatable punching bag safe to use? 

Yes it is very safe and easy to set up for use just by filling the top chamber with air and the lower chamber with some water or  sand and you are good to go, So being that  it is safer, soft and light not going to hot kids hands or knuckle when throwing punches on it is even if their punch or kick hard. 

why is that? 

The reason why is that the Lephee inflatable punching bag was built with premium and high-quality materials that has been approved to be high-quality PVC material, flexible and durable an extra-strong materials to be certain that it will not hot kids or leak water or sand on it.

what Lephee inflatable punching bag is for 

It is very good for martial arts, that includes: 





and many more 

It a high-quality bag hat help with more energy in kids increase their ability to release pressure and anger while still keeping their self-fit 

How to use the Lephee inflatable punching bag 

Here is how to use the bag step by step:

  1. Fill the upper chamber with air and close the valve 
  2. Fill the lower chamber with water and close the valve 
  3. Standby and get ready to have fun

what you should not do with the Lephee inflatable punching bag 

Here is what you shouldn’t do to this punching bag here take care of these always :

  1. Do not use high-pressure air to inflate the punching bag 
  2. Don’t over-inflate the bag with air 
  3. It recommended that kids should use this bag under adult supervision. 

what are the advantages of using Lephee inflatable punching bag? 

Here some of the advantages you get out of this  item : 

It help kids  with more strength, flexible, and their ability to release pressure and anger while still keeping them fit. 

It very safes to use it doesn’t hurt at all because it was made from high-quality materials

Perfect as a gift for your kid for their various martial arts practice such as boxing, kick boding, and many more. 

Was made strong well designed so it will  last longer  and  absorb all the hard punches and kicks 

what is included in the package? 

If you order this product here is what you get inside the package shipped to you : 

1. x punching bag 

check out what buyers are saying about this item here


Wod toys mini barbell

The Wod Toys barbell mini  is adjustable barbell toy set for kids fitness safe to play with and most prefer kids fitness toy.

toys mini barbell
toys mini barbell

Wod toys barbell mini product overview.

Get the overview of what the item is all about here :

Brand name : Wod toy

Manufacturer : Wod to LLC

MFG recommended age : 36 months to 6 years

Model  : Barbell mini

Item weight : 2.2 pounds

Product dimensions : 36 x 7 x 7 inches

Customer reviews : 4.6 out of 5 stars 198 reviews

wod toys barbell mini is for?

The Wod toys barbell mini is a cool pieces of kids toy that enhances playful fitness and safe involvement which was built to offer more fun for kids.

Very enjoyable it is simply a whole lot of fun when kids play or when  doing something like the military stand,  barbell curl and a whole lot more of training.

It weight is like 2.2 pounds and 3 feet long 7 inches high.  The Wod Toy barbell mini is for children under 3 years of age and what makes this particular toy stand out is that it has met all the CPSC toy safety standard.

what can your kids do with it?

Your kid can have a lot of fun first up  your kids can join in the fun of  your passion doing something like the overheard squat, lunges  and all those  moves that are also available for the kits.

what is included in the pack?

Here is what you get if you order for the item :

  • You get 1 mini barbell
  • 4 bumper plates mini
  • 2 barbell collars mini

what are the advantages of  having  Wod Toys barbell?

 Built to last longer  the wod toy barbell is light in weight and great for kids to have fun.

Safe to play with and it is about 3 feet in length and 2.2 pounds in total weight.

It comes with 4 colorful plates and 2 collars.

The Wod toys barbell was made of plastic so it is not heavy safe to play around with.

It is a CPSC satisfied standard toys for kids under 3 years of age to participate in fitness and have fun.

It can also be adjust it a  great barbell toy set for kids 

check out what buyers are saying about this item here “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

My opinion

These are cool pieces of fitness and enthusiast items for kids that worth their money what makes me love them is actually their buyer’s reviews.

What people are saying about them are a great many people that has bought them are saying great things about them and that is the best thing about any product.


On this topic I have reviewed 2 gift ideas for kids fitness and enthusiast and where you can get them at  lower price I will like to

hear back from you all, and if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave your questions and comment down below i will be more than happy to hear back from you all thanks.



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