1 Fantastic Gift Idea For Fitness Fanatic Family.

Is your family a fitness fanatic and needed a prefect gift idea? checkout this review  on stations with wide range of different types of exercise to target, train and strengthen various part of muscle groups.

Including workout poster, workout DVD, low row bar, utility strap, durafirm pad, weight stack shrouds, a lat bar, and more accessories for you and your family to keep fit any time any day.

 I am going help you on this topic with a thorough review about this fantastic perfect gift idea for  family who love to keep fit and I will also give you where you can get them at a lower price.

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Body-solid EXM4000S Triple Station Gym

The Body-Solid EXM4000S triple stack Multi-Station gym three 210 pound stacks with a total weight of 1,340 lbs and a lifetime warranty.

 Gift Idea For Fitness Fanatic Family
Gift Idea For Fitness Fanatic Family

Product overview 

Get the birds eyes  view of what  the  features is of this product here : 

Brand name: BodySolid 

Manufacturer : BodySolid 

Part number: EXM4000S 

Sport type : Exercise and fitness 

Included component : weights 

Suggested users: Home gym, indoor sport, strength workout 

The material used : steel 

warranty included : lifetime

Item weight: 1420 pounds 

Item dimensions L x M x H : 133 x 91 x 83 inches 

Package dimensions L x W x H : 77 x 10 x 7 inches 

Dimension with with optional LP40S : 83 x 133 x 147.5 inches H x L x L x W 

Capacity : three users, upgradeable to four 

Weight stacks : three 210 pound weight stacks, upgradeable to four.

Includes : lat bar, low row bar utility strap, workout, poster, and workout DVD 

what Body-Solid EXM4000S  is all about?

Great Equipment for  total body exercise to energize body muscle and strength, train, tone and lean muscle good for endurance bodybuilding and strength training. 


The Body-Solid EXM4000S triple gym station can be used to train at home but  it is  also perfect at gym for professional use,

it’s an advanced workout machine that offers more space for 3 people to carry out their workout at the same time. It consists of 3 exercise stations with 210 steel alloy weight stacks.

Sound absorbing cushioning 

well designed with an oversized nylon cushings gives you perfect experience sound and complete absorbing during performance. 

Many more exercise is doable

With the fully padded lat bar the Body-Solid EXM4000s give way for more performance and with the triple stations you have more exercise at your disposal to train various muscle group on your body, you  train all  your  body with effective exercise like :

Triceps press

Low pulley

Chest press

Shoulder press 

Lat pulldown

Ab crunch 

Leg curl 

Leg extension 

Chest supported row and perfect your pectoral 

Performance features and accessories included.

Workout at ease  the seat pads automatic hydraulic adjustment is easy pop in adjustment from even  from the seated position

  • Bench press with a kick assist level for complete pre-stretch full range motion
  • Durafirm pads with lower lumbar support
  • Get pump up with the fully padded lat bar
  • Resolving straight bar
  • Balanced triceps V- bar
  • The utility strap

More component includes in the home gym are :

  • The complete weight stack shrouds for safety.
  • Range limiters for the perfect pec station and an advanced articulating handle made to give you a dumbell workout experience. 
  • Comfortable padded for ab or triceps strap are all included


  •  Gift Idea For Fitness Fanatic Family
    Gift Idea For Fitness Fanatic Family

How is  it constructed? 

The Body-solid EXM4000S triple stack multi-station gym was  constructed to last long with high-quality materials, for example,

the mainframe  is an Heavy-duty Guage 2 by 4-inch mainframe to help get rid of torsional flex and not only that though it also has a strong powder coat finish to withstand any kind of use rough or rouged use.  

A short story about the manufacturer Body Solid 

This is a well know and highly formidable manufacturer, the body solid has been to the business more than 21 years ago and still going stronger one of the best distributors of supreme and advanced high-quality fitness equipment for commercial and home use.

the produce one of the largest part of products to keep fit like the kettlebells, dumbbells, free weight machines, multi-station gyms, weight plates, etc …. body solid also supply accessories for the replacement of the old or damaged parts. 

what are the advantages? 

Lifetime warranty. The body solid gym equipment includes lifetime warranty backed by the body solid lifetime in-home warranty and full commercial warranty. 

It offers multiple users to workout at the same time with  three 210 pound weight stacks. 

Very strong and well sturdy design to give ensure convenience plus the sturdy 2-by-4 inch steel mainframe eliminate torsional flex.

It includes 10 fantastic stations for more variety of intense and strength exercises to boost entire body strength and more power. 

Very comfortable and adjustable training equipment to use for example the shoulder press station is biomechanically designed to apply full resistance onto the deltoids so you work only the muscle and not the joint.



More space is needed for it and installation 

 My opinion 

Buyers reviews are great those that has brought this gym station are saying good things about the product read down below to see what buyers are saying and I think it’s very important when buying a product. 

 Here is what buyers are saying about the product 

Buyers reviews


by Bruce c Johnson 

” The EXM4000s gym is an excellent product. the struct is extremely solid and the motions are fluid; the service from the body is outstanding and I do not make this statement light, all of my questions were timely answered and they were proactive in my interactions with Amazon. assembly is required for this product so be ready to dedicate some time and patience and have a friend available to help.

there are instructives but not directions, by that I mean that there are diagrams and inventory lists but no step by instructions; one word of advice, do not put on any pulley until you are ready to install the cables. you will enjoy this product “


by – Mike 

“This is an awesome piece of equipment just bout this gym equipment, while it looks about 12 hours for my wife and I to assemble this is an awesome piece of equipment, we just built a home gym and this machine finishes things out nicely, very sturdy and high quality.

you can virtually work every part of your body; a couple of hints on the assembly lay everything out, organize the bolt, nuts, etc, and have time and patience.

assembly instructions are only exploded view pictures. detailed step by, do not install any of the pulleys until you are attaching the cables. others, like me, you will have to unbolt them to run the cable through”

By – Amazon customer

“The product itself is really good, the reason I am giving only 4 stars out of 5 is that because the instruction to building it is complicated I feel a better work through could have been done 

a ) I strongly recommend paying the extra $80 to build it, it took me and my family mostly me about 16 hrs and I consider myself a handyman good with tools and I have a bunch of tools that I used and were not included with the equipment.

b) before you buy it, be sure that the space you have designated for it is big enough, it took half of my garage and definitely no car will get in.

when the equipment was delivered it was sent with only one person on the truck let me tell you, not enough, the equipment is heavy and they wanted to leave it right by the curve rather than inside of my garage, I refuse to accepted and the seller was there to help me put it inside the next day.

About the equipment its; of all the drama of putting it together, I really like it, you can have three people working at the same time and everyone has their own weight to work with, however, I feel this is for ginner’s to intermediate weight lifters, I started with almost half the weight and I do not lift a lot so if you are really into heavy lifting I would be sure it fits your needs I hope this helps you”



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