Gift Idea For Fitness And Wellness trainers

The Stealth Fitness Core Trainer helps to train ab muscles and strengthen back while you can target various muscle groups on your body with the ZIVA Training Kit.

Can these products be used as gifts for your loved ones and friend who loves to keep their body fit?. This post will help you with that and you will also know where to get them at a lower price.

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 Gift Idea For Fitness And Wellness trainer?

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ZIVA wellness kit

Stealth fitness core trainer

 ZIVA wellness kit

The ZIVA virgin rubber steel tribell dumbbell pairs avail in 2-20lb pairs or a 3 pair set or a 3pc. wellness kit commercial grade durable design for rigorous exercise and strength training.

ZIVA wellness kit
ZIVA wellness kit

Product overview

  • Brand name: ZIVA 
  • Manufacturer: ZIVA 
  • Part Number: EPS-WLKT-5785-TQ 
  • Model name: wellness kit- speed jump rope- tribell set 2,4, 6lb pairs ) w/stand – core-fit ball 65cm 
  • User suggest by manufacturer: unisex-adult
  • Warranty Description: 1-year manufacturer 
  • Package Weight: 33 pound
  • Fist available: 2019
  • Bestseller rank: 71, 707 in sport and outdoors and 276 in exercise and fitness dumbells.
  • Customer reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars of 159 reviews

ZIVA training kit review 

Unique training equipment for adult men and women, keep you body fit with the ZIVA wellness kit, whether you are a beginner or an expert in the fitness field this equipment will help you train and target various muscle group on your body.  It help builds both the upper and lower body including the arm, ab, back, shoulders, and adds strength to your core.

what is include … 

   The Speed jump rope trains your entire body with the tribells while the 65 cm core fit ball included in the sent train your core.

who the ZIVA wellness kit is for?

For the both expert and the beginners, it doesn’t maters what the level of your fitness level this fitness kit is for core training, good for endurance training, for more power, balance, and agility as well as for the beginners exercise their body. 

Built with high-quality material 

The ZIVA wellness kit is built to last longer high-quality training equipment with a well sturdy design for adult men and women.

Good to perform varieties of exercise.

The speed jump rope help to improve the cardio level, the tribells help boost strength, while you can train and strengthen your core with the core-fit-ball that is included.

ZIVA wellness kit
ZIVA wellness kit

Advantages of having the ZIVA wellness kit 

It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty 100% good customer service guaranty so if you have any issues you can rest assured you will always get help whenever you need them just contact their customer service. More to that is their good buyer’s reviews 

Check out what those that have bought the product are saying here: 

Buyers reviews 

Source >>

by – Nikki 

“Arrived in two days, so glad I took a chance and ordered these. I was a little apprehensive about the price but these are new times and dumbbells are so hard to come by I’ve has 3 canceled orders from other companies over the past few months I’ve been looking. these dumbells are supper cute and sleek.

I’ve actually never seen anything like them. the shape is different and cool. I got the turquoise color. they just got in today and I haven’t time to use them yet, but I will tomorrow and I am sure there will be great. I had emailed the company right after

purchasing it to ask a question and they answered quickly and professionally. the best part of all of this? I ordered these babies on Monday afternoon they arrived on Wednesday morning. Amazing!!!

by – Porschelover

“Quick service, quality product I looked everywhere for 8 lb. weight and even though these were price high, I decided to order them. first, I can’t believe how quickly the weight arrived 4days after I ordered them even though the website said around 10 days.

I opted for the turquoise color and love it. the shape of the end of the weight isn’t oval so they don’t roll around. no smell whatsoever; great product. I would highly recommend the company, especially after such a quick service. 

 Follow this link to grab your own or more info 

Core trainer by Stealth Fitness.

The stealth fitness core trainer gets a lean and strong core playing game on your phone with free ios/ android app 4 free mobile games are included, plus a dynamic core training to boost energy and lose excess belly fat in a few period time product made in united states for pro and beginners adult men and women.

Core trainer by Stealth Fitness.
Core trainer by Stealth Fitness.

Product overview 

  • Brand name: Stealth fitness
  • Manufacturer: Stealth body fitness professional
  • Exercise type: core 
  • Package weight: 6.9 kilograms 
  • Item package dimension L x W x H: 25.91 x 25.67 x 7.01
  • Bestsellers rank: 37,544 in sport and outdoors and 174 in core strength and abdominal trainers. 
  • Customer reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars of 263 reviews 

Stealth fitness core trainer review 

This a unique way of training your core and strengthen it, the Stealth Fitness Core Trainer is a multi-direction planking motion to a healthy strong back and perfect core.

Keep your core stronger by playing games on your smartphone using your abs and bain. There is no subscription required, the stealth fitness app is free and it includes 4 games. 

what are the 4 games?..

The games include:

  • Stealth Speed Gliding 
  • Color Chase 
  • Galaxy Adventure 
  • And space Escape
    Core trainer by Stealth Fitness.
    Core trainer by Stealth Fitness.

So you can also track your daily progress and even in realtime with this core board, you can create or challenge yourself with your friends or your loved ones.

As I said before you don’t have to pay for the app it’s free and if you like the premium game version is available with new games every month.

How does it work?

The Stealthy Core back trainer uses your core strength to control the action on your mobile phone screen so it makes a static exercise like the plank to be as effective and engaging as possible for your muscles.

It helps train and strength ab muscles and also boosts healthy back within few periods of time, they call it the world’s first interactive core trainer, because of its capability to take one of the most basic training exercises like PLANK and make it fun.

So you never get bored when working out your core have fun training your core planking workout with fun.

Core trainer by Stealth Fitness.
Core trainer by Stealth Fitness.

what is the advantage of having the stealth core trainer?

100% good customer care guaranty with good shipping and quick. 

Made plank becomes fun and is with a full range of motion for a unique core workout. 

Check out what buyers are saying here :

Bayers reviews

Source >>

by – Customer

“loving this thing, because this was my number one question when I was pondering whether to buy this thing I will say first, yes it is for what is it. I wish I had gotten in on it while it was still on Kickstarter. I bought it anyway after thinking about it for four weeks because hey it’s the new year gotta spend ridiculous sums on fitness products. 

now that being said this thing is fantastic. it’s well constructed and simple. no assembly. the app is free and I have had no issues with it thus far. paired together they are a blast and your weakest link gives out. I have used it every day for as long as I could last and in two weeks my core strength has noticeably improved. better posture!

I am not a fitness model and one is paying me to make a video of myself thought how great it is so I hope this helps the normal people who are wondering if they should purchase. I say absolutely, although maybe grab one of the used ones that pop up because yikes the price. 

and I hope they are planning on more games because it would be great to switch it up. 

by -Robert Cocco 

30 – day update: fantastic! update after 30 days of daily use… This thing is really a great tool for exercising your core. the people that are saying that it’s too expensive for what it is, you can tape your

phone to a memory ball, etc …. are missing the whole point! anything works if you actually use it and stick with it over a period of time. a lot of people invent exercise gadgets and a lot of them are very ingenious. but they are only as good as the consistency with which you will use them.

ever been addicted to planks? I doubt it. but this product will actually get you addicted to the planks.

I set my duration for 1 minute and 15 seconds. I keep the unit near my bed, so as soon as I get up I have no excuse to not do 1:15 of a simple exercise to get my day started and I love it. I would never do it if depended on me staring at the clock waiting for it to be over. 

in my case I do it again after I shower then again when I get home from work and a few time before bed (a total of 10 minutes a day ) there is no way I would not have ever done 10 minutes of plank every day for a month without the combination of this product and its app. Those 1:15 ‘s add up and I have read that multiple short plank sessions give better results than fewer, longer ones. that is the real unadvertised secrete of this thing. 

after 30 days I know my core is stronger. the evidence is my posture. I am 56 years old and I have had a few people actually tell me I have lost weight but I haven’t at least recently. but I’m standing up straighter and stronger and I don’t even realize it. that is why people think I look better. Now I am going to bump up my cardio and to get a six-pack.

 I like that they offer it at different price levels and countries of the manufacturer, I wish other companies did the same. it is nice to have that choice. to me, this product is worth every penny.

opened the box installed the app and started using it. very nice product quality build. the workouts can be pretty tough, depending on how long you go.

is it expensive? I guess so but it does take time and money to create and maintain the software so it kind of makes sense. could you use a piece of wood balanced on a rock instead and steal their app anyway? suer, but why? it is a small price to pay for a great core workout. 

 Follow this link to grab your own or more info 


 After my observation on these products however I would absolutely recommend them and one of the most reasons is their buyers’ reviews, what those that have bought them are saying is great and I think that is very important when buying any product or services. 




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