Fitness Reality X-class Adjustable Weight Bench Review

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About Fitness Reality X-class Adjustable Weight Bench

Fitness reality X-class light commercial multi workout great for core and ab muscles with hyperextension bench easy to assemble and to maneuver.

Fitness Reality X-class Adjustable Weight Bench Review
Fitness Reality X-class Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Product details And Overview

Brand nameFitness realty
ManufacturerParadigm Health and Wellness Inc.
Part number2860
Material useVinyl, foam
Suggest usersMen and women adult
Dimensions L W H32.5 / 28.8/ 64 inches
Max users weight limit650 pound
Item weight55.6 pounds
Global rating4.6 out of 5 stars of 1, 276
Bestsellers rank7,234 in sports and outdoors and 19 in strength training adjustable benches

Fitness Reality X-class Adjustable Weight Bench Review

The fitness reality x-class adjustable weight bench is an all-in-one utility multi exercise bench with part number 2860 great for the home gym so you can keep your body fit anytime you want. Do different kinds of workout to target, train, and add more strength to your body. This bench is usable as a hyperextension for back exercises, as incline or decline position, and as well as a flat bench.

Perfectly Designed

The bench is perfectly designed to meet your need it can easily be adjusted to your various desire position of performance. It comes with about 2″ x 2″ steel frame figured with a 36″ L x 8-12″w  the bench is about  2.5″ thick leather anti-slip moisture-proof and sweatproof filled with density foam.

It set dimension is about 64″L / 28.8″W/ 35″h. and overall weight of about 55.6 lbs. Plus 4″ thick roller pads with 2 roller pad adjustment position for a different height.

Support 650 user weight

The weight bench is built strong for more capability this bench support  650 lbs user weight capacity and their height ranging from 5′ to 6’4. it stable and with 1.5 round soft and slip-proof push-up and dip handlebars 24L front and side stabilizers for total comfort.

Target various part of your body

The weight bench can be adjusted to 1 flat position and 3 declines positions, however, the thigh support cushion can be adjusted to a 14 height position so you can do more exercise to target various parts of your body by adjusting the position of the bench to a flat or decline and hyperextension.

For example, you can target and train your back muscles with the back extensions,  side obliques for your side ab, your chest with the decline bench press and flat press, more exercise doable are ab crunches and lower back extensions for your back.

Fitness Reality X-class Adjustable Weight Bench Review
Fitness Reality X-class Adjustable Weight Bench Review

It Comes With Maneuver Wheels

the adjustable weight bench is very easy to use, and maneuver it comes with transportation wheels, these have made it so easy to maneuver this bench from one place to another, you can easily move this bench from your room to the other where you want workout without any hassle at all.

Assembly Is Easy

This bench is very easy to assemble anyone can it just follow the easy manual guide that follows it and you are done in a few minutes it doesn’t any hard step to get it to install. you don’t have a coder to set it up. this is the right bench for you if you are looking for a home bench with easy installation.

Check out this video below for it shows you about this bench

pros And Cons


  • Strong utility bench value for money plus great padding, versatile, easy to install, and just to target various muscle groups.
  • 100% good customer service guarantee, you can get in touch with them anytime in case you have any issue with this product.
  • 100% refund guaranty,  you can return the ben for your full refund if you are not satisfied with what you purchase.


  • It’s not foldable if maybe wanted to keep it.

Check out what those that are using this multi exercise bench are saying here

Buyers Reviews

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Natasha Lopez de Arenosa

Glad I purchased it! I am so happy I took a jump and bought this. some of the reviews intimidated me about assemble. almost didn’t buy it at all since I don’t have a friend that lives close enough.

Almost wasted $ 80 on professional assembly. only took 40 minutes with distractions from the new episode on tv, haha. it’s basically 6 major steps. The bolts and nuts and washers needed are separated by a step. only use the disposable wrenches and that they used their own.

They worked perfectly fine. I did use my phone on selfie mode to align the holes for the pads. for those that may have a clue and are anxious people like me – use one wrench to keep the bolt in place while the other tightens the nut. my sibling mention they wouldn’t have known to do that, so just making that note.

I have yet to do a full workout, barely assembled yesterday. I tried out a few typical movements on these type of benches. Sturdy so far, easy to adjust. I’m 5’8 and it so much more comfortable than the short bench I had. The material on the padding is almost too nice, what a shame to get my sweat all over it. I will update after a few full workouts.

Stacey wheat 

Perfection!, my husband and I were in need of a back hyperextension machine to add to our home gym and thus the search began.

My husband is 6’3 and I’m 6’1 (with a 38″ inseam) an both just over 200 lbs, so finding equipment to properly fit our bodies sizes and not break the bank, can be a challenge.

after reading many reviews on numerous brands of similar equipment, I found this gem! the assembly instructions were amazing and took my husband about 20 mins to put together. A note with other reviews, He used your own socket wrenches instead of the tools provided.

Once assembled, we immediately tried doing hyperextension. we started with it extended to the highest setting and we are pleasantly surprised to discover that we needed to lower it not one but two sets to fit properly.

also, when it is completely lowered, it is perfect for our daughter who is currently 4’10.

The unit is well built and very sturdy. oh and the padding is awesome! extra bonus it arrived in less than 48 hours after ordering. I highly recommend this machine!


Excellent value and perfect for its intended use!, I bought this for my own personal gym and after hesitating due to price I finally decided to just get it and I have not regretted it since! this bench is perfect for ab workouts and can be adjusted to three different angles.

It is also perfect for the hyper back extension. the footrest is wide and does not slip, the foam rollers and hip pads are very wide bub is also supportive.

The quality and strength of this bench does not make me hesitate to use it. the main bench is long enough to use for general use as well. if looking for a good bench I think this is the best one for the price.

Verdict On Fitness Reality X-class Adjustable Weight Bench

After observation, I would recommend this bench and if looking for a good bench I think this is the best one for the price. Plus the reviews of those that are using this bench are good which is very important.


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