Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine Review

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Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine

The Fitlaya fitness ab machine, ab workout equipment for the at-home gym. Height adjustable ab trainer and foldable fitness equipment.

Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine
Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine

Specs Details And Overviews

Brand nameFitlaya Fitness
ManufacturerFitlaya Fitness
Material  usedFoam, alloy steel
Product typeCore ab fitness exercise
Suggest usersMen and women
Package weight12.48 kilograms
Package dimension LWH38.11/ 16. 93/ 8.19 inches
Bestseller ranks14, 215 in sport and outdoors and 84 in core strength and ab trainer
Global rating4.3 out of 5 stars of global rating
Customer ratings BY FEATURESEasy to us 4.5/ easy to assemble 4.5/ Support 4.4/ sturdiness 4.1/ thickness 4.1

Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine Review

The Fitlaya Fitness Ab machine is designed to help train and strengthen ab muscles in a very convenient and effective way. It’s easy, compact, and with a weight capacity of about 440lbs.

The dimension when it folds up is about L47/ 16.5W/  9.4H ready for a home gym at the comfort zone of your home? this machine is capable enough to transform your ab, core, and boost more power using it regularly will definitely help you lose excess weight and calories out of your body.

 Easy to assemble and to use

It doesn’t take much space in your room, it’s portable to carry along anywhere.  Easy to assemble, anyone can do it, just by following the manual instructions that follow and take an easy step to get it done.

What really makes me love this ab exercise machine is that it can be easily folded up and the fact that it occupied very little space.

Track your result in real-time

It comes with an LCD display so you can easily monitor your progress. Exercise your body and track the fat and calories burnt down

level and the repetition in ream live all along via the smart monitor.

Built to last longer

The high-density foam and knee cushion offers comfort and long last usability during exercise performance.

The streamline handgrip is made of non-slip sweatproof and covered with high-quality foam to ensure a secure and perfect handgrip during the performance.

Curve track is made up of heavy-duty steel very strong enough for more resistance weight performance so that you can do more ab and core workout, the frame is made up of stable steel and strong for safe performance anytime with 440lbs users weight capacity. 

Adjustable to 4 different training levels.

Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine can be adjusted to 4 different training and exercise levels. So with this machine, you get a huge advantage to target, trained, and strengthen various parts of your body like your lower abs muscles and your thigh more efficiently.

Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine
Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine

Advantages using Fitlaya Fitness ab machine


  • Enjoy 100% high-quality products that will serve you for years without any issue.
  • Exercise your ab and core even anywhere anytime even in your comfort zone.
  • 100% customer service guaranty if you have any issue with the product you can get in touch with them through their customer service for help at any time.
  • 100%  money back guaranty you can return the product and ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with what you purchase.


  • limited exercise can be done

Check out what those that are using it said about this  product:

Buyers reviews



Works for heavyweight people, yeas. so I am an extra fluffy type of gal. this supports my weight of 334lbs and I am 5′ 1′. I got this since my back hurts when I do sit-ups now everyone than doing sit-ups!

but don’t let that fool you, it gives you a great work out! did I tell you it is small enough to put under your bed?  because it folds !! Awesome product.

Rabon Stewart 

Great my wife dieted heavily to lose weight after pregnancy her first pregnancy and she hated it.

After her most recent pregnancy she got this and absolutely loves it she has lost the same amount of weight in 30 days of using this

product that took 6 months of the keto diet to diet the same and she eats whatever she wants.


Compact storage, effective ab workout!, I totally love my Christmas present! this ab fitness machine is well worth the money. it comes in a big box inside of an even bigger box.

It was packed very well but still had some damage to the plastic parts. It is partially assembled the folding framework.

My husband installed the knee weight, exercise computer, hand grips, and plastic shield in about 15 minutes. as you can see in my video you on the computer operates with a 2 AA battery, kneel down, grip the handles and then pull up with steady motion.

I am very weak in the core, but I can do about 10 reps easily because the glide is smooth. you can feel the ab burn right way because the knee weights combined with bodyweight give an effective lift.

I will use it consistently, increasing reps and get stronger. in the video, I lifted both knees at once, but you can also lift one knee at a time. This built the abs and flutes.

When not in use, the machine folds in half and slides under the couch. For under $200, this is a high-quality product and a very affordable find!


This thing really works, I have a back injury that prevents me from doing traditional sit ups, so I’ve been relying on doing planks to keep in shape.

When this thing landed I thought, there is no way this box contains that thing, it weighs about half as much as I expected it to.

Then I put it together and the top of it sits only at waist level in the second to the highest position, so the women in the product shot must be the size of a 10-year-old.

I was a bit skeptical at this point, to say the least. I got on it and did 30 reps, which was a mistake because I got off it and immediately double over with a charlie horse in my abs.

This thing really gives you a work out far beyond what I expected. even though it is lightweight, it seems to be engineered to take forces, I am 5′ 11 and 220 lbs and haven’t bent the bars or made anything creek yet.

I do think the foam will eventually wear out and split as it does on all low-end equipment, hopefully, replacements will be available. would I pay $400+ CAD for this? no. But at $230, I think it was a good deal.

Is Fitlaya Fitness Ab Exercise Machine worth Buying?

The exercise machine is highly recommended even by the buyers which are very important when buying a product, so in my opinion this ab trainer worth buying,  it’s a great product.


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