ER KANG Adjustable Steps Deck Review

If you want a perfect workout at home even gym fitness step-deck adjustable to incline or delines bench exercise.

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ER KANG Adjustable Deck

The ER KANG  adjustable Fitness deck is a very versatile workout bench, for the steppers, weight exercise, strength training, and cardio workout. It’s plyometrics  exercise box.

ER KANG aerobic adjustable steps deck
ER KANG aerobic adjustable steps deck

Details and product overview.

  • Brand name: ER KANG
  • Manufacturer: ER KANG
  • Material: plastic
  • Product type: easy adjustable
  • Adjust variation: 25°, 50°,  65°
  • Product  dimension  L x W x H:43.3 / 13.4 / 7.9
  • Sport type: workout  and fitness activities
  • Package weight: 29 pounds
  • Item package demebsion L xW x H: 44.29 x 13.39 x 8.35  inches
  • Global ratings:  4.6 out of 5  of 46 global ratingS
  • Rating BY FEATURES: Sturdiness 4.3 / maneuverability 4.2 / thickness 4.1
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ER KANG Adjustable Deck Review

The ER KANG Adjustable Deck is good for working out whether you are a beginner or an expert, it’s perfect for an at-home gym,  built well and strong  adjustable workout bench, versatile and durable.

The ER KANG  Deck was made to last longer you can use it to keep your body fit at any time even right from the  comfort zone of  you home, workout your body from your home or garage with the well sturdy high intensity ER KANG Deck, train your abs, chest, arm, shoulders etc .. and not only that the deck also has the capability to resist a maximum amount of  user weight up to 350 lbs .

An internal storage compartment is included to store your valuable fitness items like the resistant band, dumbbell weight, jump rope, and clips and many more of your exercise equipment.

The ER KANG Adjustable Deck come with 1 free resistance band for more effective performance.

Easy to Maneuver And adjustable

The multifunctional ER KANG Adjustable Deck can be easily manually adjusted and maneuver it come with a 2 levels adjustable platform height.

ER KANG aerobic adjustable steps deck
ER KANG aerobic adjustable steps deck


well, .. ER KANG Adjustable Deck can be used as an Incline press

So you can perform all the various exercises and moves that fall into inclined position like upper check press and any more.

Decline position 

Perform various exercises and moves that fall into the decline position including decline chest press shoulder press etc..  other moves and positions doable are: Flat Weight Bench, Stair-Step Platform and you can use it as a plyometric box.

Plus 6 sets added tubing notches permit you to use various exercise equipment like the resistance band, dumbbell weight, rubber tubes, and many others to target, train and boost strength to the various parts of your muscle groups on your body.

0°, 25°, 50°, 65° variable Angle

ER KANG Adjustable Deck is s multi-configuration and can be adjusted to use and a step or as a bench during the performance, the backrest can be adjustable to 4  various variable angles that are from 0°, 25°, 50°,65° different position, train your body in decline and incline position.

ER KANG aerobic adjustable steps deck
ER KANG aerobic adjustable steps deck

Advantages Having ER KANG Adjustable Step Deck



Affordable adjustable is usable as a bench as well as a stepper.

Great designed it’s foldable so it’s easy to store anywhere, under your bed, your sofa in the closet easy to carry along on your car, etc .. the ER KANG Adjustable Deck dimension is about L 43.3 x W 13.4 x H 7.9 So you have more space left over.

100% Great customer service and satisfaction, ER KANG is a good brand, in case you have any issues with the product, they provide you with 12-month component replacement service and not only that you can get in touch with their customer service any anytime and they will answer you within 12 hours.


It might not long enough when using as a bench if you are a tall person, that being said it a cool product.

Check out what buyers are saying here :

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Buyer reviews


Better than expected, to be honest, I was expecting a cheap plastic bench that is more a convenience piece.

something that could be store under a bed yes it is plastic but it has a good build quality.  you can easily use it as a stepper and not worry about it breaking. it works well as a bench and is wide enough for an adult male.

Deborah Underwood 

“Just like OTF in my hast to set up a home gym, I ordered this based on how it looks so glad I did. it is just like the bench that I’m used to using at the OTF which has been closed for a bit now.

it is fictional easy to clean, easily manipulate, and light enough to pick up and love when needed

Johnna welch 

Great bench and better deal, the bench was a great price compared to the other benches I research.  It is sturdy and a great addition to my little workout space.

I keep my resistance bands in the compartment. this bench is very similar to what I remember using at orange theory fitness. if you want to save more money but still have a great bench, this is the one.

Laura Gassaway

Very good for a small person, I am a little old lady forced out of the gym by covid-19. I already had an inexpensive free weight set and was looking at this bench to enable me to continue my weight training at home.

It is very functional for me in doing seated things, (curls ) and bench press, though not much weigh without a rack, unfortunately.

I was using the step function for some weight and P/T exercise and may try doing some step aerobics with it in addition to the Tae – Bo that I have done for more years than I care to admit. so far the quality of construction seems good as is the engineered functionality.

keep in mind, however, that I am a si said, a little old lady, 5’0 and 107# on a fat day. a larger person might not be comfortable using some of the functions. for me though, this bench is a most useful addition to my home gym.

Is ER KANG Adjustable Deck worth Buying

After my observation of this product, I would say it worth buying the buyer reviews is great which I think is very important. Follow this link to grab your own or more info >>


Hope this review has helped you  if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them at the comment section below I will be more than happy to get back to them thanks.

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