Dumbbells Adjustable Ativafit And Hhusali Review, Can They Work? Read This!

Looking for dumbbells to keep your body fit at home or you needs a well made adjustable dumbbells to work body better at gym?

Great high quality and convenient dumbbells weight that can be set from range of a kilograms to another without any difficulty.

These are easy to use with safety design to give a perfect training experience, you will save space and money on these dumbbells.

I am going to help you with thorough review of these product so that you will know more about them.

If you have any questions or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave all of them at the bottom.

Ativafit adjustable dumbbell

The Ativafit adjustable dumbbell 71.5 pounds fitness dial dumbbell with handle and weight plate for home gym.

what Ativafit adjustable dumbbell is all about ?

It is adjustable dumbbell with 17 different weight range plus an incredible design, you could train your body changing from different weight range with just a set of dumbbell.


Ativafit adjustable dumbbell will do the work of 16 dumbbells so that you wouldn’t have to buy extra 16 pieces of dumbbells, you will save money and space.

It was designed perfectly to sit comfortably in your hands, it is usable by anybody, it handles has been covered by rubber, very easy to use for both old and young, you will experience a unique physical exercise performance second to none.

You can change weight setting from one kilogram to another without any difficulty, with just a turn of lock beside, it is very fast and easy to change.


what Ativafit adjustable dumbbell was made up with

Very durable dumbbell that will guarantee you a resistance experience plus it has been painted and polished with a unique 17 sets of weights.

Save your money and more space, this is one the best fitness equipment to grab a set, it comes with lock groove that will help to prevent falling whenever you want to a to change your weight setting from one to another.

The 10 groove will always be there to help in changing from kg to kg preventing falling, very saved to use.

It has a very high strength and plastic pedestal strong and though. Lock it up tight so that it will never fall.

what Ativafit adjustable dumbbell can help you with

Ativafit adjustable dumbbell will help you to train your body

It can help you to train at home to improve yourself physically

It will help you to do exercise and to be able to change from one kg to another with just a set of dumbbell.

It will help you save more space and you also save more money on dumbbells

what not to do with Ativafit adjustable dumbbell

Here is what you should take care of whenever you are using this dumbell :

Mind the tray don’t break it

Take good care whenever you are using it, make sure not to drop it or even forcefully place it into the tray for it is breakable.

Use the tray to adjust it

It is advice not attempt to adjust the dumbbell weight unless it is securely housed in the tray provided.

How do you select weight from Ativafit adjustable dumbbell

To select the weight that you prefer, you can use the dial beside the dumbbell

Simply turn the dial from one kilograms to another and you are good to go.

what is the name of the brand producing Ativafit adjustable dumbbell

Ativafit is the brand name producing Ativafit adjustable dumbbell they are famously known to be one of the best brand producing health and fitness professionals equipment.

Their aim is to support their customers to improve providing better quality living and active lifestyle.

They had determined to bring value to the people in all their product.

what are the advantages using Ativafit adjustable dumbbell

It is very easy to use and easy to change from one kilograms to another.

For just one set of dumbbell you can perform countless workout options to train and keep your body stronger.

It is convenient and you are going to same more space, it is an all in one dumbbell easy to store at home or in gym, it also include plastic tray to prevent falling.

It is very durable with well design cast durable rubber all around it to prevent from rust and corrosion for lifetime usage.

It has been built with non slip grip

Hhusali adjustable dumbbell

The Hhusali adjustable dumbbell dumbbell 25 lbs fast automatic adjustable and weight plate for body workout home gym

what Hhusali adjustable dumbbell is all about

Great and well designed effective strength training adjustable dumbbell, weight adjustable of 5-pound increments to 25 pounds.

  IMAGE OF Hhusali adjustable dumbbell
IMAGE OF Hhusali adjustable dumbbell

It is very durable all for one equipment that will gives you a perfect training experience you can change from various weigh rang to another without any hassle.

Change from 5, 10, 15, 20, to 25 pound all within a pair of dumbbell. the adjustable tray is included to it, you will save more space either at your home or the gym.

The Hhusali adjustable dumbbell will do the job of multiple dumbbells so don’t have to buy more dumbbells hence you save money from dumbbells.

It comes with a metal grip with anti-sweat, anti skid and anti-fall plus counter weight lock it is more secure, adjustable in just simple one touch of adjustment very quick and easy.

It is easy to store designed with integrated molding to give you an ergonomic value.

IMAGE OF Hhusali adjustable dumbbell
IMAGE OF Hhusali adjustable dumbbell OVERVIEW

what can you do with the Hhusali adjustable dumbbell

There are lot of things you can do with these dumbbell these includes:

Help you train, build and if want to build more strength, burn fat and tone your body it is also capable enough.

A perfect equipment that will helps you in weight training more than ordinary exercise machine does, it is more effective.

You can regularly train your body at any time right from the comfort zone of your house and you can even do various kind of exercise like :

Bicep curls

Shoulder presses

Back rows

Dumbbell squat

Dumbell flies

Dumbell lunges

And so much more you will burn calories boost more strength and gain more muscle

with this dumbell you could build more mass muscle in your shoulders, arms and even you could strength your core.

Do more of aerobic and resistance trainings the Hhusali adjustable dumbbell will keep your body healthier, it is all for one adjustable dumbbell, check out it specifications here:

The Hhusali adjustable dumbbell specifications

Quantity: 1 dumbbell

Material used: plating / spaying / steel

Size: 12. 5 16.5 33. 5 cm

weight range: 5 to 25lbs

Features : adjustable dumbbell

what are advantages using Hhusali adjustable dumbbell

It is very easy to store and it come with a unique pushpin rod and plates that will allows you to make adjust to the desirable weights

It is save to use and great equipment for multiple exercises you will same money and space upon it .

You can perform different types of exercise like :

Bicep curls,

Shoulder presses

Back rows

Bumbell squat

It comes with a tray for secure storage you get more space for yourself at-home you wouldn’t need to buy more dumbbell, Hhusali adjustable dumbbell will do a multitask job of many dumbbells in just only pair of a dumbbell.

You can use it to train your body at anytime anywhere

You can perform different types of exercise and aerobic exercises with it.


The Hhusali and Ativafit adjustable dumbbell can be used to perform multiple exercises that will train different part of your body including core fitness, strength exercise keep your body fit with a high-quality product that will help you save money and space.

Dumbbells Adjustable Ativafit And Hhusali Review, Can They Work?

These are one the best adjustable dumbbell fitness that you should go for whenever you need one for either your home or gym, these two are great, after my observation on this equipment I have found out that they what there money.

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know about please leave your comment and questions down below and will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.

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