Close Grip Bench Press For Triceps And How To Perform It

The close grip bench press is an exercise that trains the triceps and chest muscles,  on this topic, I am going to work you through how to perform it better, see also the work through video on how to perform it down below. 

It is normally performed on a flat bench but you can also do it lying down on the floor or on top of a mat while holding a barbell and losing your body free.

The close grip bench press is one of the great exercises that helps relax and build more muscles in the triceps. For this exercise, you need to get yourself a straight or EZ  bar and a flat bench if you are to perform it upon the bench.

Close grip bench press performance.


  • Position yourself carefully on the flat bench or lie down on the flat floor and position your feet, it should be flat on the floor in a bench press position.
  • Extend your hands width apart and makes sure that your fingers are on the smooth part of the bar up with an accurate grab.
  • While still grabbing the barbell with an underhand grip, pull the bar to the lower position down to your chest slowly and inhale.
  • Do not lock your arms down as you go up. Take care do not rush yourself.


Close Grip Bench Press for triceps
Close Grip Bench Press for triceps


  •  Pull the bar up from the starting position slowly to the latte position again stretch your triceps and your chest.
  • You are going to fill the pressure on your triceps as you continue if you are not feeling right there that means you not doing it right.



  • The lower motion should be slightly slower than when you are pulling and make sure that your elbows come down carefully to your head not get hot, also make sure that your both legs remain still on the floor.
  • Exhale focus and you should be concentrated throughout the thoroughly.
  • Hold tight to the bar, do not let it fall off your hands that is why you don’t have to overload yourself on the performance.
  • Make sure that you only load the exact weight that your power can handle.
  • Do not create any difficulties or any momentum for yourself during the exercise.
  •  You may need to be supervised or an assistant to help you out during the performance.
  • Repeat the process again prior to your programs.

Precautions and safety measures

Here are safety measures to take for proper performance during the close grip bench press.

Position yourself very well.

One out of the most important things that one needs to put in mind when performing this type of exercise, in particular, is how you position yourself.

You need good positioning for this exercise your both feet need to be kept flat on the floor and your index finger on the smooth part of the bar, your thumb should be width apart grab the barbell with both hands with an underhand grip.

Do not lock your arms down at the top when pulling up.

The  video down below shows you how to perfectly perform the  close grip bench press- to target, train, and transform your tricep muscles 


Slowly and painstakingly.

The slower you go the better you will fill the pressure on your triceps, you don’t have to be fast on it lower the bar down slowly constantly.

Note that the lowering process should be slightly slower than the pull-up motion and remember that care must be taken into consideration when performing the exercise so as not to damage about, or injure yourself.

Don’t overweight yourself.

You must be in full control throughout the performance of this exercise. So do not overweight yourself hold them tight to the weight for it must not fall off from your hands nor stray off.

You might need some to assist you out or your personal trainer a tho. Do away with something that can create momentum or jeopardize the good performance of the exercise.


The benefits in performing an exercise like  Close gripe bench press huge here is some

Trains triceps and adds more muscles.

There is no way one would not perform this exercise if you really need to train and add more muscles to your triceps.

It really gives more triceps muscles more than any other exercise. The close grip bench press is one of the great triceps exercises to do train and shape the triceps.

Strengthens the chest muscle.

If one can perform this exercise the way it supposes to be done your chest and triceps muscle should get transformed. You also train and strengthen your chest muscle as well as your triceps muscle.


This post has shown you how to perfectly perform Close Grip Bench Press For Triceps including video images and text on how to do it. If you have any question comments or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If this post helps you please share it with others thanks. 



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