chest exercise

Cable Crossover -Chest Exercise.

grab the each side of the universal high pulley while standing.Then, lean slightly forward, your front knee should be slightly bent, with one foot in front of the other for balance.

Incline Dumbbell Fly Muscles Work.

The Incline dumbbell is also known as Incline dumbbell fly. It is one of the best chest exercise that isolate and incorporate the front shoulders. And more to this is that Incline dumbbell also help to train the triceps.

Hammer Curl muscles work – Biceps Exercise!

It is one of the great exercise to train and add more strength to biceps muscle. The Hammer curls is biceps exercise, it is one of the best biceps exercise that trains and gives the forearm muscle

Cable Hammer Curl.

Slowly curl up the rope until your biceps and forearms touch each other and exhale as you go, your elbows should be stayed close to your waist when pulling the weight and you should be stable and don’t move around throughout the process.

Around The World Dumbbell – Chest Exercise.

The around the world dumbbell chest exercise is aiming at boosting more extra chest pump it is one of the exercise you can never do away from when it comes to building chest muscle.

Cable Internal Rotation.

The Cable internal rotation is a shoulder exercise, it is best performed on a pulley machine and it can also be worked out by sitting on the floor.

Plate Front Raise-Shoulder Exercise.

This particular exercise also help to train the anterior, lateral deltoid it also helps in training the pectoral and serratus at the sometime with just only this exercise you can do more.

Butterfly – Chest Exercise!

The first necessary thing to do adjust the butterfly machine seat if the seat can be adjusted in a way that your elbows are at the same height to your shoulders or slightly below.

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