Blenders For Smoothies – Ninja BL480 And La Reveuse Review.

Hi everyone and welcome, on this topic i am going to be helping you with and an informative review about the smoothie two great blenders that you can really rely on.

With this here review you are going to know so well smoothie blenders great for your, shake, smoothies and even ice.

These blender here will help you grind cereals to the perfection including, beans, coffee and so much.

On this review you are also going to know about the brands Ninja and Reveuse , these are are two great one of the best bread producing great quality product, i always use, they product, i have, also my personal blender from these brands here, in which

you will see the video down bellow,…but not this model obviously, what they can help you with, how their product are build up, the benefits using them, the safety measure to take when using them and lastly, i will be given link as to where you can get these blenders from,

If you have any question or anything concerning this review you can leave them down bellow and I will reply all your question.

So before any further ado let get to know the two great product that will really help achieve your blending goals.

Ninja Blender

Ninja BL480 nutri ninja with 1000 watt auto IQ base for juices, shakes and smoothies personal blender 18 and 24 oz cups it included.

Ninja  Blender
Ninja Blender

This is a timed and intelligent blender that will perfectly work for any of your food process, it has the power to crush through, be it vegetables, fruits, and even ice, it will

take good crush of them within a seconds, auto IQ and a one touch drink creator, just twist it on a lead for an easy chop.

What BL480 Ninja Blender About ?

It is a nutri ninja pro extractor with the auto IQ technology, it has all it takes to help you in crushing and extraction of the vitamins and minerals in fruits with it pro extractor blades.

18 oz and 24 oz nutri ninja cups will spout lids allows you to make a nutritious juices and smoothies any where you are.

It has a BPA free and dishwasher safe to wash cups, it is consist of nutri ninja pro extractor blades, that it auto IQ help to crop down fruits and vegetables to benefit the nutrients and vitamins extracted.

you can set up, for it has a programmable settings that was designed to gives you a better and constant delicious drinks with a powerful nutrient and vitamins.

Ninja  Blender
Ninja Blender

You will to be informed by the countdown timer whenever the setup reach, and while it count up and track blending time, when using it manually.

It is the same auto IQ intelligent technology feature that still combine unique timed pulsing blending, the same pausing patterns that is going to work and help your food process.

How was it build out ?

Build with a IQ technology optimizes features ninja BL480 blender, has 1000 watt motor with the enough power to crush through whole fruits, vegetables and in ice.

1 and 18 oz nutri ninja cup 2 sip and seal lids is included , 1 pro extractor blades, instruction book, know how to operate it and you can also learn more recipes in it.

Ninja Blender overview

Ninja  Blender overview
Ninja Blender overview

Benefits in using What BL480 Ninja Blender

Nutri ninja blender will help to blend smoothies, and deliver more delicious and nutritious drinks.

Ninja blender comes with a great technology that removes oxygen and locks in vitamins, giving ultra rich and tasty drinks that you really need.

It has a IQ features that help bend dairys, fruits and ice to create a delicious smoothies

It has a 1000 watt motor high power that easily blasts through ice and pulverizes it easily.

Plus it is convenient for it includes 1 and 24 ounce 1 ounce tritan nutri Ninja cups with spout lids that will allow you to take the one you prefer.

Here are more important benefits that comes with this product

It is durable and it has a blending that very powerful

It is easy to use and also easy to clean

It was build up with a quality materials

Plus it has a very low noise level

Here is what you shouldn’t do with ninja blender

keep it away from the reach of the children for it not a toy, blades might hot.

Don’t put this blender base into dishwasher,unplug it first if you want to clean it but make sure to use a dry cloth to do that.

Don’t just run it for nothing make sure to have something inside, any food should be added before you can do that.

It is advice to not let the food in the bottle surpass maximum, the suggested line, the reasons for this is that you want to leave some spaces for the blade to better perform correctly.

La reveuse – Smoothies blender

La reveuse personal size blender 250 watt power for shakes smoothies seasoning sauces with 2 piece 16 oz MUG.

La reveuse - Smoothies blender
La reveuse – Smoothies blender

This is a great and very convenient easy to use plus it comes with 2 cups that will keeps your life simple.

The 4 levels high speed and it high quality stainless blade is the best to in chopping, grating and blending foods that also includes cheese , meat , onions frozen and even cereals foods.

It comes with a sleek design it can perfectly hand around the counter for further reuse so it cool.

With it 250 watts with 2 x16 oz BPA free bottle, 8 in 1 it will helps you in chopping, mixing, grating pureeing and grinding, it is efficient enough to help in preparing smoothies and shakes.

It has a strong blade that was build up with stainless steel, which can help to deal with crushing fruits, vegetable and even cereals without any difficulties what so ever.

What you really want to do to get ready using it is to, first twist and press down the the bottle from up, and let it lock to the normal position.

It has travel lid and flit top lid, that makes it easy to take where ever you are, including your office, gym, in your car and even to the class.

Here is the little history about the brand La Reveuse

La reveuse is a great brand that has dedicated their time to take good care of your kitchen appliances, this blender from la reveuse will help you in producing a perfect food and even beverages, you are going to get a better results in a very easy way.

La reveuse - Smoothies blender
La reveuse – Smoothies blender

using it, at home will also makes you to be more creative at home.

La reveuse blender will not only gives a value for money but it will also helps to live a, continent, healthy and high quality of life, that you can ever think of.

La reveuse as a brand also helps you with great product like chopper, sorbet maker, juicer, and other many food processor that will makes a better living.


what La reveuse – Smoothies blender made up with?

The 250 watt will gives you a high power that you need, plus it is very compact to deal with, though what you don’t have to do is immerse the motor base in a water or other

liquids that could cause damage to it or even worsting when fire hazard occur so, prevent your self from getting hot.

Build with a 4 stainless steel blade that is great for chopping, blending and so much more with ease, just be careful with the blade because it is sharpen, handle it with good care, it also comes with a 16 oz capacity tall cup that can make a decent sized shakes.

It is BPA free and even you can dish-wash it safely, this blender will certainly help you to feel comfortable, comes with two comfort lip ring that is great enough for the cup or mug La reveuse will makes feel comfortable will sipping and drinking on it cups.

La reveuse – Smoothies blender Overview

La reveuse - Smoothies blender Overview
La reveuse – Smoothies blender Overview

What are benefits in using La reveuse – Smoothies blender

It is great in making smoothies and shakes

Here are the benefits that you can get out by using this great blender.

Very easy to use you don’t have to go through many process to use it get on just by pressing and twisting lock the bottle on it, it is as easy as that.

It is very convenient to take along, you can bring it to anywhere you are for it portable.

It has a sleek design to perfect for the corner of your counter.

It has 4 high levels speed with stainless steel blade.

250 watts power with 2 x16 oz BPA free bottles is included.

It can be use in blending chopping, blending, mixing, grating, pureeing and grinding

Here are the safety measures to take while using La reveuse blender or anyone at all.

It is advice to not use it continuous more than 1 consecutive

keep it away from the reach of the children for it not a toy, it might hot.

Don’t put this blender base into dishwasher, unplug it first if you want to clean it but make to use of a dry cloth to do that.

Don’t just run it for nothing make sure to have something inside, any food should be added before you can do that.

It is advice to not let the food in the bottle surpass maximum, suggested line, the reasons for this is that you want to leave some spaces for the blade to better perform correctly.

Here is what you get if you buy this La Reveuse blender

1x 250 wat motor base

1 x cross blade

1 x tall cup (BPA free)

1x short cup (BPA free)

1 x flip top lid

1 x sealable lid

2 x comfort lip ring


Buyers review



Get the best blenders from great brands, the Ninja and La reveuse blender is what you need in making your shakes , smoothies and juices, it will also help grind cereals like

beans, coffee, herbs and so much more, you can follow the link to grab your own at a

lower price or to know more about these products and more blenders that are great, i have already grab one of them for my self see the video down bellow to see what i am talking about that is me right there grinding my beans



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