Back Extension Performance -Back Exercise

The back extension performance is a good back exercise that you can do to add more power to your back and spine,  it is one of the best beck workout exercise to add to your workout routine.

You don’t want to do away from this exercise because it will help your back from pain and stress. It is one of the best back workouts you can do without lifting any weight to work out.

You are going to use your body weight to train and what you are aiming for here is to target your lower back which you are going to feel down there to the spine as you thoroughly lock both your legs very securely to the footpad of the hyper-extension bench.

Note, you may not get the result if you don’t perform it correctly the way it should though. Slowly and painstakingly you go all the way, be concentrated, and focus remember not to curse any difficulty to yourself during the performance.

what you need to perform Back Extension

what is it that you need to do before the exercise?. To get started with this exercise you need a hyper-extension bench consisting of a wide range of pads to rest your upper legs on with the padded. Regulate the hyperextension bench first to your size in the sense that you can be able to target the lower part of your back.

 Back extension performance!

  • Position yourself correctly by lying with your facing down on the bench, your ankles should be hanged securely tight.
  • Take care don’t let yourself down or fall off from the bench tight your back legs very well right under the footpads after you have adjusted the hyper-extension you should be fit and secure on it.
  • Your upper thighs should be lying flat across the wide pad at the front with that enough room has been given for you to be able to bend to your waist at ease without any difficulty.
  • So lean your upper body forward to make sure that the pad you have made the proper adjustment is according to your size.
  • Then, return to the upright position while your body is still on the straight line you can actually hold a disc to your chest if you feel like it.
  • Don’t hollow your back or move your body all around the bench. Raise your torso upward slowly until your legs and upper body form a straight line.
  • Concentrate focus throughout the exercise. Take your time and exhale don’t fall off from the bench hang your ankles very well onto the footpads.
Back extension  performance
Back extension
  • So slowly bend forward at your waist as much as possible while still keeping your back flat.
  • Remember to be slow when you go down and when you raise up the up motion should be slightly slower than the down motion. Continue repeating the same process again to your desired rep.

Check out this video that shows you how to perfectly perform the Back Extension-Back Exercise bellow 

Safety steps to take.

Here are some safety steps you can take during back extension.

Adjust bench and keep a correct position

  • Make a correct position and hang your ankle straight and tight to the bench the first thing that you have to do before begging about the exercise is to adjust the hyper-extension the bench has to be regulated accurately according to prior to your size.
  • Then you are ready to go, your upper thigh should be lying securely tight flat across the wide pad, and keep your back flat don’t round or hollow your back throughout the exercise.

The Slower the better

  • You might compromise the performance when you are too fast on it. This exercise should be performed with full concentration slowly and steadily without momentum or difficulty to yourself.
  • Be Slowly when you raise up and go back again slowly. The up motion though must be a little bit slower than the down motion.

 Benefit in performing back extension.

 Here are some great Health you can derive from performing this exercise regularly

It helps train and reduces back pain.

This exercise will help to reduce stress and pain out of your back, it is one of the best exercise to reduce back pain.

Back extension is one of the effective back exercises that help train and strengthen the lower back. It also helps put more extensions to your back. Perform more back extensions during your routing workout to maintain strength on your back.


This post has shown you how to perfectly perform the Back Extension Performance-Back Exercise including video images and text on how to do it.

If you have any question comments or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. If this post helps you please share it with others thanks. 






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