About viceversar.com

welcome to Viceversar.com,

Viceversar.com is about helping, encouraging and enlightening people in all about fitness and healthy lifestyle. The basic ethics of this site typically and deliberate is to give help and share experiences with the people.

This site was designed and with the dedication encouraging everyone about healthier and happier lifestyle, it is an effort to guide and advise to be motivated.

As the world we live in this days is a full of difficulties, with generations a full of doubt , with this viversarser.com efforts is motivating everyone to enjoy healthy living life with lot of hope and happiness.

On this site blog post and pages is all about :

  • Fitness
  • Good health
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Exercises
  • Workouts
  • Lifestyle
  • Wellness

About the creator

Michael  is my name, I am the creator and the author of these website,
so,  although as a fitness expert sport is my hobby but, I still loves, shearing, interacting, blogging, enlightening and reaching out to the people about my experiences and knowledge on the field  that i know something about.

why I created viceversar.com

What makes me create this website is a great welling and interest in helping people base on experiences in fitness and nutrition to live a healthy lifestyles.

If you have any questions, comments or something to say about all upon this site, please leave it at the contact me page thanks. If you enjoy reading my post please shear it with others for,” shearing is caring” as one would say.


standing shrug

barbell bent over

barbell side bend

triceps dip with one bench

reverse barbell curl standing

triceps and shoulder push up

reverse preacher curl

incline dumbbell curl

cable crossover

deadlift for back

barbell flat bench press

one leg dumbbell calf raise


standing dumbbell biceps curl

dunkey calf raise

seated cable row

one arm dumbbell row

barbell lunge

forearm dumbbell or EZ

behind the back wrist curl

bench dip

plate front raise

cable internal rotation

around the world dumbells

dip on dip machine

abdominal cable crunch

oblique side bend

cable hammer curl

stiffleg deadlift

dumbbell hammer curl standing

military behind neck

handstand pushup

pulldown behind the neck

barbell military shoulder press standing

incline dumbbell fly

seated calf raise machine

reverse wrist curl seated

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