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know more about efficient roller foams that will help you in your fitness goal. Hello

everyone and welcome, on this topic i am going to be helping you with an insightful review, that will base on the fitness roller foams, from the best and quality Brands.

321 STRONG and YES4AL, these two are great and one of the best producers when it comes to fitness roller foams that really works.

On this review you are going to know the importance of these, products, how they were produced, the materials used and the benefits you can gain from using them.

You are also going to know more what and how they can be used, you can leave your question and or comments, if you have anything to say concerning this topic.

So here are those roller foams that i recommend you to check out for your fitness goals, these roller foams can be useful, whether you are an athletes or non athletes, it

will help reduce muscle pain and decrease injury recovery time, you can use as a personer massager and body therapy.

Roller Foam – By 321 STRONG

321 strong foam roller medium density deep tissue massager for muscle massage and myofascial triger point release with 4k eBook.

Roller Foam - By 321 STRONG
Roller Foam – By 321 STRONG

What 321 STRONG roller foam is all about

The 321 STRONG solid core, help to prevent injuries and pulled muscles, here is how it

works the 321 strong roller foam is a medium density foam that can be use to deliver a therapeutic self massage comparable to a professional massage from a physical therapist.

Roller Foam - By 321 STRONG
Roller Foam – By 321 STRONG

It a patented technology to do it, the 3 unique massage zones replicate the thumbs, fingers, and palms so you can get the exact massages zones that help to increase blood

flow and circulation to your body, it will help decrease the recovery time and increasing mobility flexibility and range of motion, this great roller was built to live a longer time using it.

It is solid, last and made of EVA foam, yeah.. that is a top grade material, you will use it

for a longer time without worry about it lose of shape, it will remain stronger over longer period, it compact design make it to be more lighter in weight.

It is very easy to transport along with you, you are going to be given 4k eBook, to learn how to use the massage roller , how you can use it to target the specific part or your bodys muscles.

Roller Foam – By 321 STRONG Overview

Roller Foam - By 321 STRONG Overview
Roller Foam – By 321 STRONG Overview

what 321 STRONG roller foam will do for you

Loaded with great features, the 321 strong roller foam is a sturdy constructed and high quality materials come together to deliver a massage roller with exceptional value that

allow the 3 unique massage zones to deliver a custom deep tissue massage to your problem zone.

Roller Foam - By 321 STRONG
Roller Foam – By 321 STRONG

This roller will apply pressure in varying degrees of density encouraging muscles to release in the privacy of your own home.

It 500 lb rating supports all body types while maintaining constant resistance, what it going to do is that it going to allow you to use your body weight to control the massage intensity.

it was designed for tissue flushing, it going to help treat your body tissue real good, feel free and enjoy therapeutic benefits like decrease the recovery time from injuries and increased mobility.

You are also going to see the same benefits as a deep tissue massage smoothing knots, removing adhesion and trigger points, this relief roller can be useful for the athletes

and non athletes, it going to really help to reliefs you from muscle sore, back pain, shin splints, sciatica plantar fasciitis, and so much more.

Advantages in using 321 STRONG roller foam

The eBook is included or it can be downloaded for free via the manufacturers websites, and it can arrives as an email attachment.

You can use it as a self massage for distressing and relaxing after a long day

It is 12.75 inch x 5.25 inch diameter lightweight plus yet rugged solid core EVA massage

roller with tipple grig 3D massages zones mimic the finger, palm, and thumb of a therapists hands, travels friendly at just 1lb.

It better and flexible structure and it can help with joint mobility and can decrease muscle and joint pain, relaxes and restore fascia, prevent , injuries and pulled muscles

It was made with 100 % EVA foam massage zones and solid foam core it can crack like hollow core rollers can and sill it durable.

Health benefit in using 321 STRONG roller foam

It is one of the great recovery tools to treat muscles pains, that will also increase performance and flexibility, get rolling before and after your exercises, let it be the

part of your great stretching daily routine, this great roller will help with free flow of blood in your body.

Why i like this roller is that it can be used for various, varieties of people including runners, for yoga, physical and sport therapy, fitness and so much more.

It can also be use to arch our foot spine, neck and any part of the superior body

It help stretch the overwork and the strained muscles of the leg, arms, and feet by rolling during on it help warms up and the cool down muscles.

It provides instant benefits to the hamstring, the IT band, glutes and calves by delivering superior massages at home or where ever you are.

It is soft enough to use while in pain from the lower back injury, sciatica or plantar fasciits.

Here are more benefit use can gain from this fantastic product

It will decrease muscle and joint pain

It help to reduce muscle pain it great to use for before and aster workouts

It help reduce muscle pain and injury recovery time

It help to penetrate better and deeper into the muscle tissue

It help prevent injuries and muscles pulls

Roller foam -By Yes4All EVA

Yes4All EVA foam roller for deep massage Rehabilitation and physical therapy produced with fitness and level material 36 excellent for bigger areas on your body it has a

professional grade Eva foam and also includes with it is 100 % recyclable material, Eco friendly and it is hard to deformed very easily.

Roller foam roller-Yes4All EVA
Roller foam roller-Yes4All EVA

what is yes4All roller foam

Yes4All Eva foam roller helps in aiding you in rehabilitation training and injuries it and prevent you with this plus it is a great tool for fitness lovers of all levels.

It going to multiply it benefits, self myofascial release, improving the free flow of blood, and help relief you from back pain, increase the range of motion, it not a enormous

infarct, yes4All eva roller foam is portable and comfortable, the roller is a lightweight and compact, to the extend that you can carry it along anywhere you want.

it is usable indoor and outdoor, help with the mid and upper back, hip flexor release, calf release.

Roller foam roller-Yes4All EVA OVERVIEW

Roller foam roller-Yes4All EVA OVERVIEW
Roller foam roller-Yes4All EVA OVERVIEW

Advantages in using yes4All eva roller foam

This foam has a wide range application, which means , roller can be used in a different and variety of ways such as rehabilitation, massage therapy, endurance or general fitness training for people of all professions, both athletes and office workers alike.

Roller foam roller-Yes4All EVA
Roller foam roller-Yes4All EVA

What really make fall involve with this roller foam is that it comes with different various colors, one can choose the colors that they like to be your preference, from red, blue,

pink, marble and the rainbow colors, that fact is that this color that really exist makes easy for me to carry out my workout routines with extra fun and effectively.

It was design with a great quality material a close cell Eva, this a closed cell foam design

that provides extra durability and helps prevent moisture and bacteria from getting in to through the surface, making it easy to always strong and clean all the time.

Yes4All Eva roller foam comes two sizes that is enough to take care of your relief.

Yes4All Eva roller foam was built whit good material that last longer, plus it Eco friendly

professional product that has a higher quality Eva foam for a trustful formamid and phthalate free, it gives you a lang duration and a resistant performance that you need.

It comes with 2 different sizes, it is available in 18 inch size and the 36 inch size options, these sizes are all capable in suite all release, you can use the smaller size to deal with

the hamstring calve relief and IT the bigger one can be use for the upper body training and relief.


These roller will really help you, i recommend theme because they have help me too, i have been using them to decrease muscle and joint pain from my body what make

love them more is that they help to really target the actual part and the the fact that they penetrate better and deeper into the muscle tissue.

Your questions

If you ever have any question or comment about anything concerning this review or there is some great fitness roller foams, that you want us to know about please leave

all your comments and questions down bellow i will be very happy to hear from you all, thanks.

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